2 To Prove

The prospects are going to get every chance to earn a spot, and will be given the first two games to go head to head to prove their worth.

Young Dmen Cowen, Gryba, Hale and Wiercioch will skate along side the likes of Lee, Carkner, and Campoli.  The young guns vs. the vets, duking it out for not only a roster spot, but ice time as well.  Expect game 3 to be very telling, as the first round of cuts will come Sept. 29th, and if you aren’t skating in game 3, you’re probably on the exit list.

Here’s my take on who makes the cut.

Carkner – A one way contract, at a good price, combined with legitimate heavy weight hands, and an ability to play a regular, albeit #6, role, makes Carks a lock.

Lee – After having signed a one way deal, the first of his career, the organization has to take the time to determine, once and for all, if this kid is a legit NHL’er, or career call-up.  This simply cannot be done by playing him in the A.  Lee, barring a disastrous performance, makes the team out of camp.

This leaves just one regular spot open, and, like it or not, it’s going to Campoli, if for no other reason than his one way contract.  Personally, I believe Campoli has a chance to take another big step forward this year, and I’m in no way ready to put him on the bust list.  But now is the time to prove he’s improving, not regressing.

But, the #7 is entirely up for grabs, and with Gonchar, Karlsson, and Campoli taking regular shifts, the team is set for offense, but thin on jam and grit.  Apart from Carkner, and to a much lesser extend, Phillips, the Sens are either small in stature, or small in nasty, on the blue-line.  Simply put, the Sens need a bottom pairing that can withstand the on-slaught of the oppositions aggressive 4th line, and have some fire power to send over the boards should a message need be sent.

This, in my opinion, is Gryba’s job to lose.  At 6’4″, 222 lbs, and 22 yrs. old, Gryba has that necessary combination of size, age and acumen, to take over the role of reserve Dman.  This isn’t to say the job is his, just that, should he continue to show the skills he displayed at the prospect camp, and tourny, he should make a case for himself as being the most NHL ready among the group of young D prospects.

Everyone will get a chance, but, at the end of the day, money, age, AND ability, all come into consideration.

Should one of the young’ins prove ready to assume a regular shift, in the top 3 pairings, look for a trade, even if just for a pick.



9 Responses to “2 To Prove”

  1. They gotta keep a D-man they can move if and when Kuba ever heals!

    • Move, as in trade, or demote?
      If they keep Cowen, this becomes a problem, as he cannot play in the A, and after 10 games of NHL play, loses his CHL eligibility.
      Cowen isn’t staying up, barring an amazing NHL performance, and even then….probably not.

  2. Excellent summary! I agree about Gryba but it sure would be nice for some other names to have a big pre-seasons as well!

  3. I think the job is Cowen’s to lose. Another season of junior would be a waste of a year at a key point in his development, while Gryba and Wiercioch can both continue their development in the A.

    Is it fair? No, I agree that Gryba is the one who deserves the shot the most, but I think the organization will do everything within their power to give their blue-chip prospect every chance and it’ll take a disaster of a camp and 9 games for him to be sent back to junior.

    • I’ve got 672500 reasons it’s Gryba over Cowen, but we’ll see, maybe it’s going to be Hale, he’s the only one with real NHL experience.

  4. It’s like my “Godfather” usta say: “It’s the sensible move…Lee gets the job and the spot…Cowen gets his 9 games and returns to Junior as a “just missed it” and about that time Kuba puts Lee on the shelf (Black Ace or trade depending on how well he did) with Gryba as first call up!”

    With Kuba’s mind and body I’d spot him until the Playoffs! I don’t think he’d mind too much.

  5. Patrick Wiercioch will split twelve games with Jared Cowen, with Brian Lee taking up the rest.

  6. Michael S

    If you listen close…it’s 1 way Lee…next it’s Cowen cause of the 9 games…then it’s Gryba because he looks like ape man…Hale’s experience and then Wiercioch!

    It stinks but it’s money, grit and numbers!

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