And So It Begins…

With the opening of training camp, came the opening of the infirmary doors.

After hitting a rut in the ice, top Ottawa defenseman, Filip Kuba, suffered a broken leg, and will once again start the regular season on the LTIR.

I’m not about to say this is a good thing, but, really, why not focus on the silver lining, considering the alternative, at such an early point in the season.

Silver Linings

  1. After having recently come off of back surgery, this will provide Kuba with more time to recover, and get into shape.
  2. Considering the long grind that is the regular season, a more rested Kuba in the post season, is better than a fresh Kuba now.
  3. With an abundance of blue-liners, both proven and yet to be proven, the Sens will be forced to “see what they have”, against opposition not yet in full regular season form.
  4. Those competing for a spot on the blue-line know there is a job available, so here’s hoping the extra incentive brings out the best in the young prospects.
  5. With LTIR rules, Kuba’s salary, less that being paid to his replacement, can be “banked” and used at the trade deadline.

Don’t get me wrong, I’d sooner have Kuba dressed and healthy, but, it ain’t all bad either.



One Response to “And So It Begins…”

  1. Campi @ 6′ and 190+ had 117 minutes in junior one year…all Italians love to fight and most are pretty good at it. Not only is #14 goin’ for a top 4 DEFENCIVE position, he’s auditioning to be “Erik’s” guardian!

    Meanwhile Philippé can rest his surgically repaired back, soak his groin in the whirlpool, rehab his left knee slowly and try to get the strength back in his broken hand during the heeling of his broken right leg. I think they should make this 35 year old and yes he will be 35 by the time he is fully recovered, into a spare for play off insurance.

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