Let’s Hear It For The Hoff

2 games, 4 points.
The Hoff is showing his scoring ability, and make no mistake, it’s getting a lot of notice.
Same goes for Butler, and his 2 p.a.g. pace.
Lastly, Gryba, the college grad is turning heads too.
Looks like Bingo has a bright future.


6 Responses to “Let’s Hear It For The Hoff”

  1. I know it’s early – and that they’re older than most of the kids in the tourney – but I’m really excited by the showing of both Butler and Hoffman so far in this tourney.

    Ottawa desperately needs to have one or two diamonds in the rough in their forward ranks – to help take over from Kovy and Alfie in a few years.

    Both these guys have shown a ton of poise and good ol’ fashioned hockey sense in the two games I’ve seen.

    As for D – Gryba looks like the real deal and I know it’s only two games, but if he keeps playing like this, he should start being mentioned in the same breath as the other two blue-chip blueline prospects.

  2. I have yet to see a complete game. Does Hoffman look anything like Vermette ?

  3. Lee Zamparo Says:

    Well done Hoffman, he’s had to work for his chance and now he’s making the most of it. He should see top line minutes in Bingo this year, and make the big club next year. Good on Butler also, who has a real shot at the roster this year.

  4. Hoffman is not as fast as vermette, but it appears he has great vision, and one heck of a shot. I see a winger for Spezza down the road 🙂

  5. GelatinousMutantCoconut Says:

    I think I may be looking forward more to 2011-12 then 2010-11…

    Could the forward line-up look like this?


  6. Hip Hip Hir- Hoff!

    Another great performance by Hoffman, as he takes 1st star honours against the Laffs.

    This kid is going places…


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