Butler Answers The Bell

Full highlights here.
In a PP infused first match, the Sens prospects found themselves with scoring chances, but stymied by Pens prospect goaltender, Brad Thiessen.   While going 1-7 on the power play, the Sens suffered a short handed goal, and allowed the game to slip out of their hands.

But the lone good news was Bobby Butler, who scored the Sens first 2 goals, and was a threat to score more all game, on route to an eventual 5-3 loss.

The Sens defense, which was to be their strength coming into the tournament, was porous, and often is disarray, allowing the Pens prospect forwards to own the front of the Sens net, and crisply control the puck in the offensive zone.

A late goal by Sens defenseman Gryba led to a strong finish by the Sens, but, as is so often the case, a missed goal by Daugavins, off the post and out, led to an empty netter by the Pens, and a disappointing first game loss for the Sens prospects.

Next Senators match is Sunday at 2:00 p.m. vs the Chicago Blackhawks.



4 Responses to “Butler Answers The Bell”

  1. If we had wanted to play the AHL All Stars, we coulda gone down to Bingo and had a game!!

    Robin does not look remotely like the kid we say here last camp, I guess all that rubber he saw last season finally got to him??

    Butler is still a long shot but he’s opportunistic! Nice hands…ya know when a guy tells ya about his shot that he’s got nice hands!

    Gryba looked good live and not too bad on TV today!

    Jared ??? Tomorow is another game…yesterday live he looked absolutely “Spectacular!”

    Going to reserve judgement until after the three games!

    • Yeah, it’s a process right now. If they had come out and destroyed them, would we crown them elite NHL prospects? No.
      Same goes for a stinker.
      I was impressed with Daug and Hoffman as well, but the rest were average to poor.

  2. Ya, let’s not get carried away here. two practices together and their 1st game together. What were we really expecting. I think GN alluded to that in his previous post which dealt with media expectations.

    I thought Ottawa actually had more skill, but couldn’t finish.

    AH, the bitter sweet of hockey. If only….

    For JC’s sake, don’t start with the Lehner. His defense was no where to be had.


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