Ryan to Ottawa?

This rumour has been circulating for a few days now, but, according to those I’ve communicated with, it would be a Herculean task for Murray to get done.

The Ducks know what they have in Ryan, namely a budding young, American born, star power forward, the very sort of player a “star power” fan base can rally around.

But at what cost?

Reportedly  (contrary to what I read earlier in the year) Ryan wants a 3yr/ 15M deal, or a 5 yr/30M deal.  To even consider adding 5M to the payroll, Murray would have to do some fancy footwork, and surely lose at least one quality player and either a solid prospect or pick. 

Say like a package of  Kelly, Regin and Wiercioch for Ryan.

That’s an awful lot for a player whose already shown a propensity for holding out.  Been there…

Now, make it Kovalev and a 1st, and you have yourself a deal, so long as Ryan comes with a signed 5 yr./27.5M contract, with NO RMC.

But that ain’t going to happen.



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