Good News, Bad News.

The good news is, all 82 Sens games will be televised, for the first time in franchise history.

The bad news is, you’ll have to be a Rogers subscriber, or you’ll miss out on at least 12 of the games.

Yup, the ol’ you can’t get there from here.

This isn’t anything new, as when TSN launched its TSN2 channel, Rogers refused to carry it, until its subscribers put up enough of a stink that the provider felt they had no choice but to work out a coverage deal with CTVGlobeMedia.
This time, by pushing exclusive Jays games, and eventually Sens, Flames, Nucks and Oil games, to their new Sportsnet1 channel, and off of Sportsnet, Rogers is putting the fire to its competitors, what goes around…

So now, as in the past, it’s up to us regional, non Rogers subscribers to put the fire to the feet of our digital providers, or shell out for NHLCI, which I’ve always done in the past, anyhow.

Here’s the contact link for Expressvue, my provider, please do let them know you’ll go elsewhere is they decide to not carry the 12 extra Sens games..

To those of you with Rogers, or live outside of the local region, or with seasons tickets, so what, lol!

Ahh seasons tickets, loved ’em when I had them, but I found it too hard to get to all the games, as I do not live in Ottawa.

Which brings me to another point, live vs. televised. I always thought I preferred live, and do still very much enjoy going to games, but, over time, I’ve come to really enjoy watching on TV, particularly with the advent of HD, PVR, and big screen/surround.

Now, my wife hates my incessant pausing, slow motion, zooming and rewind…but that’s a whole other post…or maybe even blog!



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