If If’s and But’s…

With the recent signing of Sutton in Anaheim, and the exodus of Volchy to NJ, some worry greatly about the Sens “grit” on the blue line.

Fair enough, the combination of players representing the likely D corp. going into the 2010/11 campaign is hardly made up of bruisers, but, that’s not to say it is without reason for optimism.

As was said by Don Meredith, “If if’s and but’s were candies and nuts, we’d all have a wonderful Christmas.”

Or more directly, “You go to war with the army you have, not the army you wish you had”, spoken by Americas greatest war time leader, Dick Cheney  Donald Rumsfeld (insert sarcastic groan here).

But in both are truths.  Nobody wants to hear excuses why you didn’t win, and nobody goes into any challenge armed with everything they wish they had.  Winners prevail, losers look for excuses.

Would I be happier if the Sens had 4 Chara’s and 2 Lidstroms?  Absolutely, but who wouldn’t, and more germain, who does?  The fact is, Ottawa has an incredibly mobile defensive grouping, capable of both passing to create offense, or carrying the puck to create offense, and that, in today’s NHL, is a big deal.  One need look no further than 400 kms east  west to see what happens when your blueline is composed of bruisers…nothing.  Or, as (more?) importantly, 1200 kms east west to see what happens when your blueline is mobile and offensively gifted…you win the Cup.  Of the two, Ottawa looks far more like Cup winning Chicago, than 2nd last finishing Toronto.

So sure, I’d like to have it all, but then again, if if’s and but’s were candies and nuts…



6 Responses to “If If’s and But’s…”

  1. Good point, but I’m not sure about geography. Being from Halifax I became very excited to learn that the city had an NHL team with a good blueline, and that it won a cup!

  2. I agree… I think you’re looking west.

  3. Sutton, the DEFENCEMAN from another era, was exposed in the playoffs.
    Being an excellent body guard for “Erik” but leaving a little too much leg work for Karlsson which finally exposed both of them as not quite ready for playoff prime time players.

    The Murrays are not stupid…with the “Mono” and Wiercioch looking good but 1 year away…the kids are not ready…but let me tell you it shall be a Chicago type blood bath once they start to come on stream…I would have started earlier/now to clear space…we are going to win with the kids not our present DEFENCE CORPS.

  4. Lee Zamparo Says:

    I hate to nit pick, but that the army quote was Donald Rumsfeld. Not that there’s much to choose between those two bozos.

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