Let’s Regin Again.

At 2.0M/2yr., Regin is a potential bargain.

At 2.0M/2yr, Regin is a potential anchor.

But, considering his performance at the end of the season, and his obvious skill, I believe Murray may have made the signing of his career.

Don’t get me wrong, Regin is making damn good money, and as an RFA, he shouldn’t be getting big money, but I have little doubt an arbitrator ruling would have been at least equal to this deal.

To me, the biggest win in this contract is the fact that Regin remains RFA at the end of this deal.  This forces Regin to earn his next deal, and still allows the Sens to leverage the RFA restrictions should he not be there yet, much like with Foligno.

With a full forward roster set, and 2.393M remaining in cap space (assuming Cowen makes the team) it would seem Murray is done, apart from Campoli.

Campoli will remain on the team, they will not be able to walk from his deal, as some suggest (Nik), but if Cowen or Wiercioch prove ready to assume a full-time role in the NHL, he will be traded, injuries permitting. Until then, he will be retained with hopes of further development (trade bait) or, at worst, to provide defensive depth.  As it stands the Sens do not have 7 proven NHL Dmen, and you need that if you have any hope of surviving an 82 game season.



14 Responses to “Let’s Regin Again.”

  1. Note: When the arbitrator anounces his decision the team may decline…”Walk Away” and the player becomes an unrestricted free agent!

    GN, with all due respect, I suggest that you are wrong!

    • 1. He ain’t gettin’ 2M
      2. They’d still be better off with 1 yr. at 2 mil, then trading him, then simply walking away. NeitherCowen, nor Wiercioch are going to suffer playing in the A while Murray shops Campy…and we both know a healthy blueline is a rare thing.

  2. Dazillion Says:

    Canucknik: I think the team can only walk away if the award is over a certain amount.

  3. slightly confused (but also new to the lingo here), but it sounds like you typed that he is getting $2 mil. a year. But SenShot says $1 mil a year?

    Me confused… 🙂

  4. I heard it was 2years @ 2million dollars for a cap hit/average of 1million a season

  5. GN:

    I stand corrected…@ one point six million dollers!!!!

    It looks like $1.6 is the breaker point and if that is the case then what was Bryan thinking…Campy will get a Million in arbitration and like Kuba these guys are just too expensive to move for what they bring!!!

    That League average is an inflated joke but it works for the players and the NHLPA!

  6. I didn’t know that 1.6 was the magic walk-awy number. I’d be surprised if Camps gets north of 1.6M so the Sens are ‘stuck’ with him, which is fine by me. Great job on Murray with this (and Foligno’s) contract. The man is a wizard when it comes to resigning his players. Trades…..not so much.

  7. Lee Zamparo Says:

    We’ll see about Camps. Not expecting anything drastic, should be somewhere between 1 and 1.6 M/yr, one year deal. Fine, let’s get on with the summer.

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