Are Sens In Leclair?

The laundry list.

  1. Redden vs. Chara.
  2. The Emery Meltdown.
  3. Coach Roulette.
  4. Heatley Hell.
  5. Spezza Speculation.

I don’t know about you, but all the drama is becoming a little too much for my taste.  How about a little hockey for a change?

No doubt that is exactly what Murray (and certainly Big Mel) is hoping for.

To this end, with the hiring of Rick Wamsley, as goaltender coach, it is evident that the franchise is hoping to give a shot of confidence to Leclair, as the Sens #1.  Wamsley and Pascal worked together in Columbus and, by all accounts, had a strong relationship.  Wamsley was also pivotal in Pascals being selected 8th over-all in 2001.  Should Pascal regain his form, it will go a long way in stabilizing this team.  Should he fail, no doubt the drama will continue.

I for one expect great things from Leclair.

Wamsley brings a lot to the table;

  • A Stanley Cup ring.
  • Pro Scouting experience (perfect for the “eye in the sky” role often assumed bu G.C.’s)
  • Head coaching experience in the A, and assistant coaching experience in the NHL.  This is important, as it supports Clouston as a head coach, and fills the obvious void in Clouston’s CV in regards to goaltender coaching.

Wamsley brings a hell of a lot to the Sens as an organization, much beyond simply goaltender coaching.  Now let’s hope his presence strengthens the team, rather than create a power struggle.  I don’t say this with an eye toward this being an issue, but better an ounce of prevention, than a pound of cure.

This was a solid aquisition by Murray.  Very solid.



One Response to “Are Sens In Leclair?”

  1. I agree totally.

    The knock on Rick when he was playing was that he was too smart (IQ/street smart) to be a goal keeper. Sometimes in life ya just can’t win…we liked him as a player!!

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