Who Knew…

Pigs could fly?

At least, it must be imminent.

The fact that Lou Lamoriello’s deal got smacked down by Captain Smarmy, is a miracle.  Don’t get me wrong, Captain Smarmy got this one right, but considering the sway and influence of Lou and the franchise he represents, I’m amazed.

The day the contract was announced, TSN’s Dreger tweated what has become a very insightful 93 characters; “No deal or signing is official until league says so. NHL has 5 days to review Kovalchuk signing.”  I had clung to the hope the league would reject, but with the big fanfare announcement in NJ, I had lost hope.

Good for you NHL, you’ve put a stone back into my foundation of faith in the NHL…a shaky foundation all the same, but stronger than it was even 4 days ago.



7 Responses to “Who Knew…”

  1. Any idea why this is different than Hossa’s contract ?

    • Term…17 yrs. was so obviously a means of circumvention. B ut no doubt the unuion will argue otherwise, as they should…the rule must be defined clearly, and should have been in the first place.
      Sloppy language = arbitration expenses and bad will.

  2. This hasn’t made sense from the start. It just wasn’t a Lamorello deal from the very beginning. I think Bettman and Lamorello are in cahoots to have this type of long term deal eliminated.

    • I’ve wondered the same…but once the competitive juices start flowing, anybody can get caught up in the race to the bottom, trying to get to the top.

  3. Roll back …love it! Kovalchuk/Grossman should be made to take $10 mill for 7 years…it’s the end of your team Lou!

    NHLPA, Grossman, Kovalchuk, Lamoriello and Glen Healey think the deal is legal so I guess Gary is done…New York politics!

    • Then an arbitrator will decide, not Bettman or the NHLPA.
      My question is, will Lamoriello and or Kovalchuk be willing to risk beinbg caught with a deal they can’t accept, and everybody off the market/rosters full?

  4. GN :

    Pigs can’t fly!

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