Salary Cap? What Salary Cap? We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Salary Cap!

The recent signing of 27 yr. old Kovalchuk, to a gut busting joke of a 17 yr deal, proves the fans are the suckers.

We lost a year of hockey, and will no doubt soon lose another, just to watch the owners trip over themselves to punch holes in their own ships.

Talk about fragging the lieutenant!

So the Sens (among others) play by the spirit of the CBA, and sign legitimate terms, while others willfully circumvent these same rules, all while out of the other side of their mouths talk salary cap contraction…or else!

Seriously, just bring in a efn luxury tax, and be done with this farce.  Bettman has zero control over these ass hats, and we pay the price, both at the box office, and when the arena sits dark.

At best Kovulchuk plays half of that contract before bolting to the KHL or retiring, and the Devils walk away scot-free thereafter.  

I just lost a tonne of respect for the NHL today.

If the league goes dark, over salary…I’m out…for ever.

Mark my words.



9 Responses to “Salary Cap? What Salary Cap? We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Salary Cap!”

  1. DerrickD Says:

    It was the DiPietro contract that got the lunacy ball rolling, and now it’s out of control and rolling over sensability and everything else in it’s path. Combined with the James/Bosh fiasco, this has been a terrible summer for the image of pro sports in general.

    Hopefully Foligno wasen’t signed to an 80 year, $230 million contract…

  2. Dazillion Says:

    Why so serious, dude? Labour \management relations are what they are. Whining and gnashing of teeth against them is as helpful as railing at the phases of the moon or the passing of time.

    As a consumer of entertainment I have only two priorities: that the product be high quality and the price reasonable. Right now, the Sens adn the NHL offer both.

    • You’re comparing this fiasco (the CBA/lock-out/circumvention of spirit of CBA) to an act of God?
      Hey, I’m all for rolling with it, but that’s a little out there.
      Everyone knows why a salary cap was fought for…to control salary escalation from have teams, out of proportion to league financial performance.
      To wilfully circumvent the spirit of this CBA, after abondoning a full season to get it, is not just asinine, it’s morally wrong.
      As a customer, I for one resent being used as a pawn in a meaningless lock-out.
      Don’t kid yourself, there’s another one coming if we fans don’t make it clear it will come at the cost of long-term viewership/attendance.

      • Dazillion Says:

        I didn’t compare problems between labour and management to an act of god. I was observing that complaints about them will be about equally as useful.

        I understand you’re upset at the prospect of more time without hockey. But let’s look at your argument: if “they” (both sides) piss off fans then the sport will take a long-term hit. Maybe. But I doubt it. Look at last time: it was prophesied to be the “end of the world” and everybody and his brother swore that they’d never watch again.

        Then the NHL upped it’s game (literally), put a better product on the ice, and a few short years things have never been better. From a revenue point of view, the strong dollar has helped, but more fans are watching live and on TV, merchandise is flying, the Winter Classic(s?) are a huge success, etc, etc.

        Entertainment consumers are in the moment and – just like members of any given religion (to stretch the comparison) – willing to forgive or just ignore the unpleasant bits once they get their dose of positive reinforcement. Casual fans may tune out for a while but those who love hockey – like you, I bet – know that the threat is idle at best. And so does the NHL and NHLPA.

        But it won’t come to that. They will work it out this time because doing so is such a clear win-win.

        • You may be right Dazilliion, but that doesn’t make it right.
          As a customer, it’s my right to complain, and if unsatisfied, walk away…as it is yours to not complain, and watch no matter the treatment you receive.

          • Dazillion Says:

            I guess I just watch for the hockey and the entertainment. I watch with amusement the politicking behind the scenes but I just can’t get mad about it.

            I do enjoy reading your site, though. Thanks for the good work.

  3. Makes the 4 million payment to Heatley seem real trivial. I can’t see how the relationship will be good for all this time ..

  4. Wrong. Luxury tax is bad. Check yankees. Enough said. E-mail me if you want legit reasons

    • I know, from a competitive stand point, it’s a catch-22, but at least it would prevent this false cap we have now.
      I’m going to post a bit more on this, and I’d be happy to get your .02 cents then, BTW, your blog on this is oustanding.

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