Foligno Signed? UPDATE to the UPDATED UPDATE

UPDATED UPDATED UPDATE – Foligno has now signed…wouldn’t you know it, lol! 2yrs./2.4M. Not good, not bad.
UPDATED UPDATE – As per my source, and confirmed by Foligno, there is currently no done deal..yet.  My source was solid, but I didn’t know if he was just playing me out…seems somebody was just playing this time. Never seemed right to me…but you never know.

UPDATE – I have been told “there’s nothing to this…right now”


Somebody’s blowing smoke, but the hell if I know who!

According to various internet blogger and messageboard claims (including SensChirp), Foligno has come to terms with the Sens on a new contract.

I for one have not heard this to be true, nor has it been reported by the Senators, or any other credentialed agency.

My issue with this, should it be true, remains salary. I simply cannot fathom Murray signing Foligno ahead of Regin, unless the terms of the deal were such that they provided him with the flexibility to sign Regin, should it go to arbitration.

The other possibility would be  a sign and trade, but that remains pure speculation, without a shred of evidence to indicate this to be on the table.

Reports have the deal ranging anywhere from 0.875M to 1.6M/yr, for 2 yrs.



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