Freshly Squeezed Rumour.

O.k., you knew this one had to be coming.

Bobby Ryan.

Yes, I have now had 3 unsolicited tips, one from a fairly reputable source, that BM has at least contacted BM about the availability of Ryan.

All reports out of the O.C. are that, although at a negotiating stalemate, the Ducks are not interested in moving Ryan, and would match any OS he might garner.

Rumblings have it Ryan wants a 3yr./15M deal.

The name rumoured to be offered in exchange is Kuba.  Obviously it would take much, much more than that, if anything, to land Ryan.

Look, I know, rumours are like gossip, in fact, they ARE gossip, so take it as such, and have fun with it.



One Response to “Freshly Squeezed Rumour.”

  1. could have checked with BM personally .. Saw him shopping today and chatting with a fan most likely ..
    have a great weekend ..

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