Stop The Insanity!

Look, I’m not trying to poach readers, but, after filtering through the comments over at SensChirp (a daily read for me), and then reading Canucniks latest post (another daily read) I just have to comment, and yes, I’m using my pulpit from which to pontificate!


To Savard.

I’m not trying to bash the guy, he’s a fine player, but at 4.007M of cap space, this team needs a top tier centre like a frozen boot in the teeth.  Add to this his size, and fragility, and you have yourself a salary albatross in the making…and Chiarelli knows it.  THAT’S WHY HE’S ON THE BLOCK!  Different circumstances for sure, but he’s Chiarellis’ Heatley.

As far as salary cap is concerned, Chiarelli is in deeper trouble than Tony Hayward.  The Bruins are leaking money like BP leaks oil, and trading Savard is as likely to work as did “the top kill”.

IF Savard is traded, it will be to a “Floor” team, and he’ll have the Leafs 2011 #1 pick pinned to his sweater.

You want to help your division rival, good for you, take over their worst contract, and give them nothing back…then give me a call, I’ve got a great parcel of land to sell you in Florida.


p.s. bring your hip waders.


9 Responses to “Stop The Insanity!”

  1. Lee Zamparo Says:

    It doesn’t make sense for the Sens. They have depth at centre, yet little to none on the left wing. Spezza’s already upset because no one can play with him at LW and do a decent job of scoring (though I hope Regin will be able to do so). We need a scoring LWer, dang it! I’m with you GN, stop this Savard to Ottawa nonsense.

  2. Hear, hear my good man!

  3. Agree 100% love the guy.. he is a local.. all that stuff.. however not sure if we need him at that cap hit ( if it were 2 yrs or 3 at a little lower.. why not not for that long) .. For the love of god.. we are small enough up front.. how about a large north south winger who will go to the net for Spezz.. that is all he needs.. he will get them the puck.. I would prefer Penner or James Neal or Ryan Clowe or Blake Wheeler before Savard.. while I am at it.. could we not draft a power forward for once in our franchise history.?????. ( Maybe Zack Smith will become that for us.. maybe also Colin Greening.. not sure I am not hockey savy enough to judge that)

    • Lee Zamparo Says:

      We’ll have to wait and see, but Corey Cowick might fit this bill. Also Jakub Culek if he can get heavier and stronger.

  4. I think the only person desperate enough in Burke .. He wants to avoid handing over the 1st all over again. And btw .. When talking about Kovalchuk why Toronto doesn’t come up as a suiter.
    Final note: Kovalchuk and Volchenkov share the same agent (grossman)

    • I believe the issue with Kovalchuck and many of ther remaining RFA/UFA’s is term.
      There’s a huge PR campaign going on right now about the cap dropping significantly come the next CBA, and maybe owners are posturing to make this seem feasible.
      Let’s face it, if every (or even many) teams have enormous cap commitments beyond 2011/12 their demands for a cap reduction will bely their actual spending commitments.
      But what do I know?

  5. sorry .. it was 2nd overall 🙂 but still ..
    I think paying anybody in excess of 6 or 7 mils is excessive. Not much more to surround with good talent.

  6. I have been of the mind that the Sens have been lacking a true second line centre for a while now. We do have a lot of centres, but only Spezza is a proven top 6 IMO (yes, I’m one of those people that would like to see Fisher as a second line winger). For that reason, I was excited about the Savard rumour… though the arguments against are indeed compelling.

    That said, I think another top six left winger would make me just as happy. The Neal from Dallas idea in your previous post Gerald actually got me more excited than the Savard rumour. It’s a pipe dream though unfortunately. I fear it would take a miracle for BM to get another top 6 forward of any position now under the cap without giving up a core player.

  7. Not a lot of impact players left on the open market. Kariya? skilled but old and fragile. Ponikarovsky? Besides being a former leaf (He has a lot of points against MTL though) he seems to be inconsistent. Afinogenov? Now there’s a prospect – Afino (or Poni) Spezz and Kovalev – the enigma line. Gonchar and Phillips on D. Not enough skill for Spezza?

    I’m not sure on all the Savard talk (or Gagne or Carter) for that matter (Philly rumoured to move one of their Prima Ds) if the Sens were to get one like that we have to move some cheaper yet on the cusp players. As stated – Kelly, Foligno, Kuba maybe others. Boston wants a salary dump.

    Sign Foligno for two or 3 and trade him with Kuba for one of em maybe. (Foligno + Kuba = $5M+)

    Regin gets signed and Sutton.

    I can’t see having Savard and Spezza for 7 years apiece though. Good as they are, they won’t give more than 65-70 games aseason.

    Ryan would be interesting.

    It won’t be long before Fisher asks for a deal to be worked out with Nashville. He’ll follow the woman. We all do.

    Personally i don’t think we’ll see much more movement before Oct.

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