Send A Letter To Yourself

We all know the old adage, if you’re mad about something someone did, before over-reacting, send a letter to yourself, if, after receiving it back, you still feel the same way, then act on it, otherwise, take advantage of the “cool down” period, and be glad you didn’t over-react.
Well, I should have done the same last night, and often I do, my “draft post” file is pretty full of blogs that will never see the light of day.
After a nights sleep, and some ruminating on the trade, I’m far less discouraged by it. I still think the Sens are in desperate need of skilled forwards to round out their prospect pool, but that’s not to say the 16th over-all pick would have done much to improve the situation.  I think I became so draft focused I lost sight of the ultimate goal of selecting the best player.  Besides, unlike the Murray’s, I didn’t even consider Rundblad as available, so the shock value caught me strategically unaware.  The fact is, I knew who Rundblad was, and was high on him last season (though I hadn’t followed him since the draft), so I was, at the time, happy to have him, but bummed about not gaining a forward.
And that’s the whole of it. If Rundblad was the best player available, then the right decision was made, position be damned.
Here’s hoping something can be done today to address the forward situation, who knows, maybe the Sens have their eye on a diamond in the rough, and made the move knowing they’ll have their cake and eat it too.


3 Responses to “Send A Letter To Yourself”

  1. "D"Fence Says:

    I see where you were coming from, as I was also quite shocked initially. I think that stemmed from all of the build-up that the draft creates. We all spent weeks wondering who Murray would pick in the first round and in a way, all of that anticipation just fizzled away as none of us were aware of this alternative. That being said, I couldn’t be happier with the trade. The Senators ended up with a dman picked in close to the same position of a deeper draft, who has another year of development under his belt. BPA (as it was clear we weren’t selecting a Russian anyway).

  2. This trade sounds good to me. Can never have enough big, skilled, offensive minded defensemen in the system, especially one that will be ready to play in a year. Better than a long shot on a forward in a shallow draft I would say. The Swedish connection is also very reassuring.

    Now Murray just needs to trade Cheech, Kovy, and the rights to Volchy to Vancouver for the Sedin twins and we have the Ottawa Swedenators!

  3. As I mentioned over at Chirp, I’ll take as many Karlsson’s and Rundblad’s as Murray can get. Anytime you can back fill, or stock the cupboards with smart minded guys who can deliver the puck to the forwards, you will have a great team. Forwards will actually get more productive, since they will get the puck in better scoring situations.

    When you play on a team with guys who can move the puck in the d zone, and even beat a man one on one, odd man situations occur, and the ice opens up tremendously. I can’t express enough how much more dangerous a team you become.

    Yes, give us more guys like Rundblad, and Karlsson, and guys like Hofmann in the system will excel because of it.


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