The Rundblad Rundown.

Didn’t see that one coming.
I won’t lie, I’m rather disappointed, particularly seeing the trade did not include a 2nd.
But, on the bright side, the Sens acquired a player much more NHL ready than anything they would have selected at 16th, unfortunately, it’s another defenseman.
This makes Lee, Karlsson, Cowen, Wiercioch, and now Rundblad.
That’s a lot of prospect depth on D.
Makes one wonder why that 16th could not have been converted to a more mature forward prospect…
One can only assume that the Ottawa scouts believe they have a good crack at a player near as good as anything their 16th would have garnered, or that Rundblad is considerably superior to any of those players still on the board by the time Murray got the call to the podium.

Here’s the run down on Rundblad.  He’s an offensive minded defenseman, with sound puck moving skills and a decent shot.  He currently comes in at 6’2″, 198 lbs, and plays with Skelleftea AIK  of the Swedish Elite League.

Fortunately, the impending coach of this team is none other than Anders Forsberg, who just happens to also be the soon to be resigning Sens scout in SWE.  Here’s what Forsberg had to say about Rundblad, and his acquisition;

“Big shot. Powerplay guy. Reminds a lot of Erik Karlsson, but bigger. It’s a real good pick, a real good trade. Lot of skills.  Shocked when [the trade] came up for Rundblad, because he has a real good future in the NHL. I don’t know why they’d make the decision to trade him. I know him so well, known him for five years, and know almost everything about him. He needs to be stronger. Big body, but needs to fill out.”

Certainly sounds positive, and with the franchise connection, one can hope Rundblad  benefits from some special attention, development wise.

Some will no doubt pan this move, and I’m not about to leap to its defense, but, just as would be the case with a 16th over-all pick, only time will tell.



4 Responses to “The Rundblad Rundown.”

  1. GelatinousMutantCoconut Says:

    I don’t see why some fans are unhappy with this. I’ve always said that Bryan Murray is a trend follower. Whoever wins the Cup, Bryan Murray drafts a player that exhibits that teams most dominant attribute. In this case, both Cup Finalists boasted all-star defense units. So Bryan Murray uses his pick to acquire a defenseman he considers better than any that were available.

    I like the trade. A lot. I don’t think too many people will be complaining in a few years time when The Senators have a blueline corps that consists of two smooth offensivly figted Swedes and two solid defensive Western Canadians. Think about it: Karlsson-Cowen Weircoch-Rundblad Phillips-Lee.

    Just because we’ve drafted a lot of defensemen recently doesn’t mean we’re hurting at forward. I still say Peter Regin is the next Alfie (in terms of game…consistent 20-30 4-50 assist player, defensibly responsible). Bobby Butler was the top ranked undrafted forward. Andre Pettersson is going to be a good sniper. Silfverberg will be a solid two-way top-6 forward. Roman Wick should develop into a top-6 forward as well.

    Not to mentioned that Spezza, and Michalek are still young enough to still be in their prime when our defense is mature. If Fisher holds up as well, that leaves only 3 top-6 forward spots to be filled (assuming I’m right about Regin). I’m sure two of the prospects I’ve mentioned will fill those slots.

  2. GelatinousMutantCoconut Says:

    I forgot about Hoffman as well! I have very high hopes for him along with Wick and Petersson.

    Here’s an article about Rundblad from last season:

    Where he’s compared to Mike Green and is referred to as “Not that far below Victor Hedman”

  3. I don’t disagree with your post, GMC, but it can’t be discounted that both Chicago and Philly had more forward depth than any team in the league. They arguably had 3 top-2 lines. I think that is the trend taken from this years finals, and is likely why so many forwards went early and Fowler and Gorm fell (OEL and Gormley? Phoenix is going to be a powerhouse).

  4. GelatinousMutantCoconut Says:

    Oh, I don’t discount that fact! I just think Murray say the power-house D and got a hard-on without need of Viagra for the first time in years :p

    in 07 Ducks win the Cup and Murray drafts a tough north american forward in th first round

    in 08 Detroit takes the Cup and in the first round Ottawa drafts a smooth swedish defenseman

    So in 2010 he sees two deep defensive units and acquires another top defense prospect.

    He acquired the best player available, as he should.

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