RUMOUR – Be Warned!

Now, don’t get your pants bunched, it’s pure rumour…aka, silly fun.
Just received a quick heads up, apparently there’s talk going on between OTT and CHI.
No, not Spezza.
Murray is trying to move Cheechoo, instead of buying him out, and indications are CHI may be willing to acquire his rights, if Murray is willing to take over Campbells contract.

(The following is my musings, no details beyond Cheechoo and Campbell were included)

Obviously it wouldn’t be one for one, as the numbers don’t work, but if Versteeg and a #2 pick went along with the deal, it might be doable.
This would solve Murray’s winger and defense issue, and net him a 2nd rnd pick, but would also create a serious salary issue, abd would clear-up CHI’s cap issues, now and into the future.
Something else would surely have to go from the Ottawa side of the ledger to make this a possibility, like say Kelly?

Cheechoo, Kelly for Campbell, Versteeg, 43rd pick?

I don’t know, that Campbell contract is nasty…NASTY!  I chalk this up to ramblings.

10.223M in, 3.225M out = net +7M for Ottawa.



4 Responses to “RUMOUR – Be Warned!”

  1. That’s crazy talk. I’ll believe it when I see it…

  2. Crazy, like most rumours…and trades!

  3. But you know what…. I’d take it. (if nothing else to get rid of the Cheech [no disrespect], and I know Campbell can play.

  4. I think Cheechoo for Sheldon Souray out of edmonton makes more sense to Ottawa.

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