Was That An Earthquake, Or Was Alfie Just Traded?


My house just shook, I mean really shook.


That was the strangest thing I’ve ever experienced…either the nearby construction went terribly ary, or I have a new appreciation for living in SFO, lol!



8 Responses to “Was That An Earthquake, Or Was Alfie Just Traded?”

  1. You should experience that event on the thirteenth floor. Hope Alfie wasn’t traded.

    • Ahaha, I can’t imagine! I myself beat a hasty retreat out the door when it really started picking up, to try to feel the tremor on the ground. I got to feel the house shake, then outside felt the earth shaking…so cool, all things considered (nobody is injured, etc.). It seemed to last a fair amount of time, like 20-30 sec. or so.

  2. Ya, that was nuts! Everyone at my work bolted…

  3. Apparently you guys got a good one- 5.5. You get many tremblers up there? Anything fall down?

    • The short answer, Petshark, is NO!
      That was like 2′ of snow in your neck of the woods, not impossible, but a major big deal.

      • Yeah, it’s a little unsettling… wait did you say two feet of SNOW? I HATE snow! Actually 5.5 is a fairly big deal anywhere. Well, why waste your quakes on little wiggles when you can shake the whole region? Glad everyone seems to be okay.

  4. A magnitude 5.5 earthquake was reported by the US Geological Service north of Ottawa, Canada. The shaking was felt by folks all across Central New York.

    The earthquake was reported at 1:41pm this afternoon, and shaking was felt all across Upstate New York and much of Southeastern Canada.

    The earthquake was located approximately 40 miles north of Canada’s capital city of Ottawa.

    This likely why we had a good shake on the 9th floor of our building. Happens to be a brand new Class ‘A’ building, so it kinda felt like a ride, and then like a cruiseship as the shaking mellowed out. 🙂

    Chirp cleverly timed his latest post with the quake and some rumblings on the Spezza angle. LOL.



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