More From The Horses Mouth (Or Ass, Some Would Say)

Nod to SensChirp for this link, and Russo for the excellent blog (why is it the Wild blogger has, in just one post, done a more complete and even handed article on this issue than all of the Ottawa media combined?).

This is a must read for any Sens fan.


5 Responses to “More From The Horses Mouth (Or Ass, Some Would Say)”

  1. And it only took him a few words. Why can’t Ottawa media report like this guy!!!

    If they did, no one would be jumping out of their skin.

  2. GelatinousMutantCoconut Says:

    Well at least he tries to defense Spezza a bit. I’m still not pleased with the way this was handled. It should never have been made public. But anyway, I’m done bitching about it, it’s not worth it.

  3. definitely done intentionally. However, not all will agree with BM’s tactics. Having said that, BM has been around the league along time, and you don’t actually do that unless there is genuine cause and concern. I’ll say it again, If I m top boss and writing checks, I want my star to be committed 100%, else I’ll need my guy in charge of the hockey ops to drum up business before I get screwed (again!).


    • I hear ya, but I suspect there’s an element of feeling out the market while the timing still allows for it (no NMC). I trust (rightly or wrongly) that BM wants a knock out package or bust, and Spezza isn’t wanting a trade, just feeling tired of wearing the horns.

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