Atlanta Gets The Buff, Murray Gets The Budget.

With the 2010/11 salary cap #’s released by the NHL, teams are now in a dealing mood.

We’ve seen Horton go, and now it’s Big Buff, going to the Thrash, for a pretty nice package of picks and prospects. Although I like Buff, I feel Atlanta has once again been victimized by their lack of sound leadership.

The Commish has announced the 10/11 cap limit at 59.4M. That’s an amazing number, leaving many scratching their heads on how this was even remotely possible, but, as a Sens fan, I say Booyah!

So what is the Sens situation going into free agency?
Well, here’s what we know for certain;
Michalek(4.333M) – Spezza (7.0M) – Alfie (4.875M + 0.7M) = 16.908M
Shannon (0.6M) – Fisher (4.2M) – Kovalev (5.0M) = 9.8M
Ruutu (1.3M) – Kelly (2.125M) – Neil (2.0M) = 5.425M
Daugavins* (0.537M) – Butler* (0.9M) – Z. Smith* (0.584M) = 2.021M
Roman Wick* (0.625M) = 0.625M
Phillips (3.5M) – Kuba (3.7M) = 7.2M
Carkner (0.7M) – Karlsson* (0.93M) = 1.63M
Lee (0.875M) – Cowen* (0.95M) = 1.825M
Leclaire (3.8M) – Elliott (0.85M) = 4.65M
Buy-outs = Cheechoo (1M) – Emery (0.562M) = 1.562M

*2-way deals

Total = 51.65M

This leaves @7.65 million in cap space, assuming Cheechoo is bought out, not buried, lost to waivers or traded, probably the safest bet, all things considered. But, this may be 21 contracted skaters, but it hardly represents an NHL roster. Missing are 1 top 6 winger, 2 bottom 6 forwards, a top 4 Dman and a bottom pairing dman.

Some of these are in the system, but remain unsigned;
Regin (bottom 6), Winchester (bottom 6), Campoli (bottom 2 pairing Dman). So what will it cost to sign them (assuming they will be signed). My GUESS is;
Regin – 1M, Winchester – .625M, Campoli – 0.725M = 2.35M
Less – Butler, Smith, Daugavins = 2.021M
Difference = +0.33M

This, assuming the above signings, still leaves @7.32M in cap space, slightly more if Murray goes with a 20 man roster.  But  surely some will have to be kept for injury replacement or player addition at the deadline.

@7M to acquire a top 6 winger, and a top 4 Dman.

Not impossible, but certainly a tall order if done via free agency. A lot of people want to see Cullen re-signed, and while I do like Cullen, I worry that he is a centre, not a winger, and the Sens are already swamped with centres being played on the wing.  His signing would make his cap commitment less impactful than it might be if spent on a dedicated winger.

No, to me, I’d like to see Cullen signed, but along with Kelly & Foligno being packaged in a trade for a top 6 winger, but the trades of late have cost picks, and I doubt Murray is inclined to part with his #16 pick, in fact, whispered word is he isn’t, and it’s shut him out of some trade discussions.

As for the Dman, 3.5M is not much, particularly in the realm of UFA’s. Volchy will expect that, and much more, so he won’t be signing until after July 1st, if ever, and both he and Sutton may not represent the type of Dman Murray is actually looking for, that being the mobile, puck moving sort.

BM surely has his work cut out for him, but it is not an impossible task, albeit daunting.



6 Responses to “Atlanta Gets The Buff, Murray Gets The Budget.”

  1. GN:

    Alfie is on there as a buy out @$700K…Bryan says he just had enough for Petr and Nick @ $56.8 so ya got about $2.6 to do something?

    Murray will hold that 2.6 to start the season and pray Mrs. Spezza doesn’t get into it with the Coach!

    • Right you are Nick. I forgot about the 35 rule, numbers have been adjusted accordingly.
      As for the 2M number….honestly do not know where you get that number, please expand. But, there is some discrepency on this nas to whether the .7M is still on the books. For the sake of clarity, and erring on the side of caution, I’ve included the .7M commitment.

  2. In what universe do Karlsson and Cowen cost so little? Performance bonuses are included off the top, boss… gotta adjust those numbers

    • Huh,
      Nope. Bonuses are not included in the cap number for the year in whgich they are realized. They are included in the year following their actualization
      In otherwords, if a bonus is triggered, which retro-actively causes the cap limit for that given year to be exceeded, the excess amount will be removed from the upper limit in the following cap year, as per the CBA.

      • That’s called a bonus cushion… It’s a clause that can be invoked if the team so desires.

        Either way, how would Karlsson’s cap hit be what you’ve got it at if he played most of last season in Ottawa? (btw performance bonuses in elc’s are pretty much exclusively based on games played and major awards).

        • Unless any bonuse(s) paid/earned last season exceeded the ULC of the cap, they would have no impact on this seasons cap. I assume this did not occur.
          With this season, should any bonuses cause the ULC to be exceeded by less than or up to 7.5%, the excess will be subtracted from the following seasons ULC. The bonuses, like salaries, are not year specific, rather contract duration specific, regarding bonus eligibility seasons.
          Hope this helps clarify.

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