Loose Lips?

There’s a lot of hand wringing going on out there about both the content, and the delivery of Murray’s recent comments concerning Jason Spezza.  Some feel he should have just kept his mouth shut.

But, honestly, was that really a better option?

Imagine for a second what would have been the fall-out of replying “No comment” if asked about the status of Jason Spezza.

The rumours would have been re-doubled, the anti Spezza hooligans would have clung to the ambiguity like a Holy Grail of turmoil, and the media would have used innuendo and half truths to create drama in a soulless effort to sell more papers.

In other words, pretty much an identical reaction to what happened after he did speak!

Now, as most readers know, I happen to like Murray as a GM.  I believe he has been pro-active in shaping this club into a legitimate contender, he has been willing to take risks in an effort to improve the teams short-term results, and he brings a strong background in hockey management.  But don’t get me wrong, I’m no Murray sycophant, he doesn’t walk on water, he has made mistakes, and will do so in the future, just like the rest of us.  But in this situation, he was damned if you do, damned if you don’t.  And that reality, to a large part, rests in the hands of the media.  Murray can’t control what is written, he can’t force the media to put integrity and professionalism ahead of selling a few extra copies.

The fact is, when Murray didn’t comment on Spezza’s trade status, the media inferred their innuendo, so why not be frank, tell the truth, and hope those who listen to his words, in their entirety, for themselves, have the intelligence to draw their own balanced conclusions?

Is Spezza upset at the public commentary by Murray?  Maybe, I honestly do not know.  But I highly doubt he was impressed with the medias handling of his career up to this point, Murray comments or no.

Murray making public comments, IMO, is a red herring.  The abuse of privilege, by the media, in fomenting a fictitious impending cataclysm between Spezza and the Ottawa Senators is the real issue.  It is this caustic environment which will drive the wedge between the Ottawa Senators and top tier talent, not the supposed loose lips of a particular GM.

Having hockey coverage is wonderful, we all want it, but as the customers of this media, it is our responsibility to ensure its existence is not at odds with the foundation of our interest, the team itself.  I do not watch hockey so as to have a reason to read the newspaper, or listen to sports radio, so I’ll be damned if I’ll let the media put my interest, the Senators, at risk, so they can turn a bigger profit, at MY expense.



5 Responses to “Loose Lips?”

  1. Well said, as usual.

    Nice to have someone not having the tail wag the dog.

  2. great article!!!

  3. GelatinousMutantCoconut Says:

    He could’ve said “We support Jason 100%. He’s worked hard to become a better all-around player and is adjusting well to life post-Heatley. We’ve committed to him as our number 1 centre for the next 5 years and we intend to build our offense around him. He’s part of next generation of leadership for this club”

    Instead he makes him look bad publicly. I have no doubt Jason was upset at being booed. But I don’t see him wanting to abandon the organization one year after he defended it’s interests during the Heatley saga.

    Bryan Murray is a sheep. He blindly follows the whims of public opinion and the media. They created a controversy around Spezza, and now Murray wants him gone, the same bullshit that happened with Redden, Corvo, Meszaros, Emery, McGrattan, Schubert etc.

    But to save his own arse, he’s trying to make it look like Jason wants out.

    • I would contend they have said that in the past, and to some degree, did so in the latest scrum.
      You’re entitled to your opinion about Murray, and have some merit in pointing to him in playing a role in this fiasco, but to insinuate he’s actively trying to move Spezza, in an effort to appease the media, is assinine.

  4. BrandonK Says:

    As far as blind speculation goes assuming that Bryan Murray is trying to scapegoat Spezza as the problem is about as dumb as the stuff the Sun writes. The fact is we dont have much information about what is really going on…

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