Escalator Clause Invoked, Horton Quickly Struck Off The List, Florida After Spezza?

The CBA has been extended one more season, and the NHLPA has invoked the 5% escalator clause.

Immediately the trade market opened up, with Boston landing another big forward by trading Wideman, the 15th over-all pick and a 3rd in 2011 for Horton and Campbell.

Gotta say, Chiarelli continues to do a great job in Beantown…that was a robbery.

Does this have an Ottawa impact?

Florida has zero chance of attracting top tier talent via free agency, but with a host of picks in exchange for Spezza…maybe they make a pitch.

O.k, received an anonymous note, from a person I’ve heard from in the past, who always provided interesting, and surprisingly accurate takes.  I have absolutely no idea who this person is, and do not put anything beyond mild interest into the information provided.

The note says;

“Murray was discussing Horton, but more so Florida covets Spezza…Florida has been playing second fiddle to TBL for years, and having watched the buzz created by Stamkos…they desperately need to do something before slipping into absolute oblivion.  The new owner doesn’t want to wait to see if a #3 pick will provide the spark this franchise needs to get back on the map…BIG NAME, BIG NAME, BIG NAME is the battle cry coming out of the owners office, and nobody is talking rebuilding throught the draft…there’s no doubt they want Spezza, the question is, will Murray move him for picks?”

In this draft Florida holds the 3rd, 15th, 33rd, 36th, 92nd, 93rd, 123rd, 153rd, and 183rd.

Would Murray move Spezza, Lee and 16th for 3rd, 15th,  Ballard (D), Matthias (F) and Olesz (F)?

7.875 out

8.147M in

Panthers get their big name centre to play with Booth, solve their salary log jam at defense and part ways with a player they’ve grown tired of (Olesz).  Sens gain a young prospect in Matthias, a top 4 Dman, a (supposed) 1st line forward, and a 3rd over-all pick.

Not saying this is out there, it’s just off the top of my head.

Would you do it?



7 Responses to “Escalator Clause Invoked, Horton Quickly Struck Off The List, Florida After Spezza?”

  1. If we had a shot at Gudbranson (sp?), I think you do it. At least seriously consider it 🙂


  2. If we made this deal, I would look to move Kuba and the 15th to Boston for Savard.

  3. If Weiss was in the deal instead Olesz. I would make that deal pending if Weiss has an NTC/NMC and willing to wave it to come play in Ottawa.

  4. GelatinousMutantCoconut Says:

    Not that deal. If Horton nets the 15th, a solid offensive defenseman and a 3rd round pick, then Spezza should be able to net the 3rd and 15th all by themselves. I don’t even care if we get a player back. If we trade Spezza, that means we’re set on rebuilding. Throw in the rights to Volchenkov one of Florida’s second round picks.


    To Florida:
    Jason Spezza
    Anton Volchenkov

    To Ottawa:
    3rd Overall pick
    15th overall pick
    36th overall pick

    The Senators select:

    Erik Gudbranson 3rd overall
    Dylan McIllrath 15th overall
    Alex Burmistrov or Emerson Etem at 16th overall
    Kirril Kabanov at 36th overall.

  5. GN – I’ve been following your work for a long time and I must say it has been steadily improving. I believe your coverage of the most recent Sens-related events has been quite strong. Please keep up the good work.

    I wanted to comment on your letter to a Mr. Tim Baines of the Ottawa Sun. I thought it was very well written (although the sentence about not watching hockey in order to have a reason to read the newspaper was more poignant without the radio add-on—Incidentally, the comma inserted prior to that add-on creates a splice and confounds the reader); however, I believe in analyzing the character evident in the likes of Garrioche, Brennan, and Stevenson, we would likely find a common denominator in our Mr. Baines, which is to say that he is likely lacking in it. For that reason, I believe the wordy delivery that you or I would be prone to lacks reasonance in the mind of the Sun staff.

    Compounding the issue is a sentence like this:”I will no longer waste my time reading your reporting”; which will no doubt be received with contempt and spite. In all likelihood, the response would be something like “well then I will no longer waste my time reading your email.”

    I agree with the thesis of your argument; however, the delivery is off-center and the attempt itself is likely in vain, as this is undoubtedly not the first time they have received such a reaction from the readership. The reality is that what you get for 25 cents is sensationalist pablum. The odds of that changing are virtually non-existent.

    I admire the effort… but I wouldn’t continue to fight a pointless war, and that’s what I believe this is.

    Like I wrote earlier, keep up the good work.


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