Spezza-l Edition.


More often than not, opinions are like assholes, full of shit.

That’s certainly the case when it comes to the criticism of Jason Spezza.

He’s not the greatest hockey player in the world, get over it, but he is among the best, and the no mind mouth breathing idiots who boo him, and criticize his play, ad nauseum, really need to shut their mouths.

Yeah, I’m being harsh, because these dumb-asses deserve it.  They’re idiots, and if you’re reading this thinking “hey, I boo Spezza”…then you’re an idiot.

Sorry if I’ve offended you, but your idiocy and abject lack of hockey knowledge is putting my team at risk, so get bent.

I’m not writing this to jump to Spezza’s defense, the kid has room for improvement, and he knows it, but I’m sick and tired of mindless stooges harping on about Spezza without so much as an ounce of perspective.

Compare Spezza around the league, and you will quickly discover he is top 10 in his position.  Add to this his age, his desire to learn and improve his game, and you have yourself a player 20 teams would kill for.  But here in Ottawa, the vocal minority feel the need to wax moronic about his deficiencies.  Where’s Crosby?  Where’s Malkin?  Where’s Sedin?  Where’s Datsyuk?  Where’s Backstrom?  They’re all watching, just like Spezza.  But somehow we’re supposed to believe Spezza was at fault for the Sens being out in the first round? 

Jason, you’re a brilliant offensive player, and you know you’re needing to improve on your defense and take more shots.  I have absolutely no doubt in your ability to improve as a player.

As for the mouth breathing morons calling for you to be traded, or pinning the play-off exit on you, well I think you know what I, and many others think of them, too.

You have my complete support, I for one want you here in Ottawa, and know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, you make this team better for your being here.

Here’s to cheering you, in a Sens sweater, for years to come.



15 Responses to “Spezza-l Edition.”

  1. Well said. I didn’t realize he was getting so much grief from, um, some place. The blogs I follow are not being overly critical, so I should assume the local media? Sad really, chasing the lowest common denominator for market share. I guess.

    Sometimes, as a collective, we get what we deserve. And on a positive note, Heatley got his.

  2. Carver55 Says:

    I agree that Spezza is a very good player who sometimes tries to do to much and ends up looking goofy. This year during the regular season I was very impressed with his change of play, but for some reason during the playoffs he reverted back to his sometimes silly plays. Unfortunately for him, when you make 7mil. plus a year the rabid playoff fans are not very forgiving. I think with the addition of some stable line mates, Spezza will become a fan favourite again. The same thing happened to Alfie when he was younger. I’m glad he stuck it out and I hope Jason will as well.

  3. I follow the Sens from Texas where I live. I grew up in Ottawa and only left after university and was even a seasons ticket holder for years while living down here. I am sad from afar a lot when I read how silly many comments are in the local Ottawa media and blogs. Jason is a great guy by all reports who cares and who really carried himself well in the Heatley saga last year ( Danny love that penalty you took to cost your team the playoffs ). Has Jason had the best coaching to get into his head and change a couple of things like his back passing. If you think that is not possible then you did not watch the Champions League football finals Saturday when José Mário dos Santos Félix Mourinho ( aka The Special One ) proved once and for all time that coaching matters. He took a good but not awesome Inter Milan team which was not the best in Europe by far and beat Chelsea, Barcelona and Bayern Munich, one after the other. Awesome.

    Bryan Murray has done an awesome job of re-stocking the farm and making the playoffs. I thought he was a lunatic for taking Special K first choice in the draft but that is why I work in software. Ottawa has drafted less goalies in the past ten years except one team, and I think that was Washington, both teams suck in nets. What a surprise. Bryan finally bites it and takes Lehner and now we have a goalie of the future who was not a late rounder.

    My view is for those who can never shut up and so have to keep their gums moving when their brain is in idle, get a life, buy a dog, get busy, mow the lawn, the Sens are doing great given the circumstances. They have a great owner who spends cash ( Cheechoo at $3M in the minors, that takes guts and cash as an owner ), a great GM who is not perfect and who I wish would do less trade deadline deals, hopefully Sutton stays, he is special, a great captain, and yes, an awesome 1st line center. All Jason needs is the best coaching and he will be fine. Cory Clouston seems to have done a really good job with him so far and hopefully he can continue this. Jason is young and can learn. By the way, other than some line change issues in the playoffs a shout out to Cory, what a great job in 2009/10.

    While I am at it, can everyone stop dumping on the Kovalev. While he looks like he is slow motion sometimes, does he make EVERYONE else he plays with better, or what. Is that not the sign of a great player. If I was playing in Ottawa, he would be my first choice to play with. I know my production would go up. He was sorely missed in the playoffs.

    Yes, Ottawa, the Sens would look great in Houston, they need a team and it is the sixth largest city in the US with a natural audience of northerns who have moved south to this city of 6M people. You heard it first, while I don’t live in Houston, it would be an awesome rival for the Stars and they would fill the rink. Forget all the cities who would fit in a suburb of Houston, why the small person running the league has no team in Houston is a mystery to me. It is the sixth or so largest media market in the US.

    So next time you want to make some senseless comment just to hear yourself talk, remember there is no pre-ordained reason why a city the size of Ottawa should have a team. Growing up in Ottawa without a team and living in a city without an NHL team, you begin to realize that a team like the Sens is a special treat in life, especially when they have won so consistently as Ottawa has.


  4. It’s pretty sad when people want the Sens to trade nearly a point a game player. Just sad. He only played 60 games this year, and had something like 57 points!!!!

    Finding create players is very difficult, and even more difficult to match them up with players who can develop chemistry with them. We need to keep him.

    I agree Sensay. The idiots proclaiming we need to trade him should just shut their yap.

    Guys like Spezza want to stay and play in Ottawa. We should rally behind these guys, and not push them out of town!!

    Management need to build on Spezza’s strengths, not worry about his weaknesses.


  5. Cheerios Says:

    Spezza had a big gain in his abilities this year
    He had to take on leadership and be the “man” on the line
    Heatley was good for the easy set up but that isn’t the case anymore
    Spezza does weird things that either speak of his immaturity with his skills
    Or he is just doing too much
    Let’s face it, he isn’t Crosby, but he is still pretty darn good
    And if this past season is anything to show for
    he is only getting better
    Although I will still rag on him for his goofs
    I cheer him on on every play*
    He is a centrepiece of the team and will be for a while

    *except that blind drop pass to the slot for nobody

  6. Amen

  7. Differing Opinion Says:

    Disagree he is top 10. Here’s a list of players that are better at this point:

    Ryan Getzlaf
    Sidney Crosby
    Evgeni Malkin
    Johnathan Toews
    Mike Richards
    Pavel Datsyuk
    Henrik Zetterberg
    Steven Stamkos (Up and coming)
    Mikko Koivu (better defensively, all around player)
    Nicklas Backstrom
    Vincent Lecavalier

    That’s just off the top of my head.
    You know what, Spezza needs to grow up, shut up and become a two-way player in a hurry because the booing is never going to stop until he wins a championship.

    And yeah, you’re right to call people idiots but people are never going to let up on him until he outwills people.

    • Here’s the thing FDO, he’s human.
      Too many people like to think his salary, and envious lifestyle somehow make him a fair target, for unfair criticism, or it provides a sheild against hurt such behaviour inflicts.
      I’m nit trying to get dramatic here, but I doubt anybody here, or anywhere, can suffer public abuse, for little or no reason, without becoming frustrated and jaded. And please, do not try to tell me you could for the money, because reality is far different from fantasy.
      I maintain he is top 10, but you’re certainly entitled to your opinion, the fact remains he is virtually unreplaceable, and considering his quality of linemates (a rookie and a 3rd liner) earning more than a point a game, in the post season, is damned impressive.

  8. Differing Opinion Says:


    Well put but the Senators aren’t going anywhere.
    Melnyk is loaded to the gills with cash and whatever losses the hockey sides incur are meaningless.

    Put it this way…the Senators lose 4 million a year, that’s Melnyk’s casino tab on a slow Wednesday.
    We’re fine, attendance is not an issue and the team isn’t going anywhere.


    • FDO, I don’t really think JBTex was actually saying the Sens were going to leave, just that there are markets for them to go to, and us fans shouldn’t look a gift horse in the mouth.
      As for the “profits”, this is a bit of a spin by the Sens. Yes, the team lost money. This is actually not such a big deal, as they have a loss to carry forward to write off in the future, when they do make money. There’s also profit sharing, and the fact that losing money helos control player salaries.
      The real money is in the rink, and that is profitable, and both are owned by Melnyk. Pay out of one hand, make with the other. Over all Big Mel is doing fine in Ottawa.

  9. I doubt the sens lose a dime. May be the team alone yes, but the whole operation (team + arena) is a money maker for sure. May be not a lot, but certainly Eugene doesn’t have to pay out of pocket.

  10. Can I just point out that in the playoffs this year he made one massive mistake that led to a back breaking goal, followed by one of the most dominant performances I have ever seen him give. This is a guy that can turn it up, is a PPG player IN THE PLAYOFFS and is easily one of the single most talented players we’ve ever had. This guy has improved solidly and I for one want him on my team. The only massive complaint I have atm is a really scary history with injuries (back problems mostly) but they haven’t surfaced in the playoffs yet.

  11. People can talk about the money all they want. Agents get it for them and fill their heads about getting what their worth on the open market, and all that, but to be fair to BM, Heatley, Spezza, and Alfie needed to be keft together with the production they were putting out. In order to keep Spezza, the Market demanded 7 mil / year. BM wanted him long term, especially since he was the #1 center.

    Too many poeple generalize about this, and think it is easy to a:) bring star players under contract, and
    b:) have players play to the expactation of such dollars.

    It’s all wel and good to be a fan to complain, and watch on t.v. and think were all experts, but it’s another thing all together to be the guy in the situation and have to perform on the ice.

    I am not going to excuse all of his mistakes. but some of his “blind” passes are set plays. When the guy he is passing to is not in position, the passer looks bad.

    I’ll blame Volchenkov as much as Spezza for the costly drop pass, because Spezza expected him to be there, be had backed off way too early. $hit happens.

    more to say, but gotta go.

  12. I was not saying the team was leaving, what I was referring to was the fact that all this negativity around certain players, the team, etc., etc. can often lead to untended consequences. What happens if the owner just wakes up one morning and blows a gasket and says the hell with it, is their another billionaire handy who would continue to spend 100% of the salary cap given the circumstances. Maybe yes, maybe no, the bottom line is assume you are in court and never ask a question you don’t know the answer to. If you are going to crap on a player or the team try to be at least use some factual basis for the criticism. And do so in a positive spirt the team and the players deserve. The owner of the Sens is a good businessman and bough the team at the right price including the rink and as such as long as the dollar remains in reasonable shape he will always be able to do Ok with the team as long as attendance holds up. That is my worry, if we want a winner and we want attendance then we could risk the farm and that is why it is so impressive what Murray has done the past couple of years, he did not compromise the future given how dire things looked even 18 months ago.

    Kovalev is a brilliant player to watch when he is really on but he also sucks a lot of the oxygen out of the rink for the opposition and thus allows his line mates maximum room to move. You could see on the TV how much he enjoyed playing with the young guys and they seemed to love playing with him. He is not perfect, that is for sure, but if he was more intense, he would be at $10M per year not $5M. Our team will have been much better off with him given how he has helped with the younger guys.

    I was never a great hockey player but even I am dazzled how silly Spezza gets with his back passes. But to go off the deep end and say he is not a world-class first line center given his point production, you have to be on drugs to even think that. The silly passes to me are coaching. If Spezza was playing for Scotty Bowman or Jose Mourinho he would cut this out because they would have figured out a long time ago how to get into his head to reprogram him to stop doing this.

    it is like in basketball, if you really want to see how great a player is, watch them when they don’t have the ball. That includes defense. Spezza, Kovalev are brilliant players who need the very best of coaching, some special players are wired differently like these guys and some like Crosby come wired ready to go out of the box. The more important point is give me brilliance, this is hard to find, great coaches should be easy to sort out as they have a long time to become obvious.

    Whether Spezza is to blame or A-Train on this play or not, what difference does it make, great players must compensate for others who cannot keep up always with what they are doing. This is the part of being special that takes time for some players to sort out. Most people call these guys late bloomers.

    I think Spezza had his best year after he came back from injuries because he was playing both ends of the rink on most shifts. The consistency of that effort is a credit to Cory Clouston. Now if he can fix the rest of the wiring we will see the Stanley Cup faster than we ever thought possible.

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