All Aboard The A-Train?

This is the question.

Oh sure, there’s been heaps of speculation about the impending departure of Volchy, but trust me, there’s nothing to it.

Volchenkov IS NOT as good as gone.

Full stop.


Don’t take this to mean he’s a lock to re-sign either.  That would be an equally absurd claim.

The fact is Volchy is looking to take advantage of his shot at free agency.  Good for him, I’ve seen enough rubber bounce off his skull to know he’s earned his marketability the hard way.  Far be it from me to vilify him for trying to get paid.

But this is the thing, what is a kamikaze, purely defensive defenseman really worth?  We in Ottawa know he’s a gamer, and truly love him for it, but is he a game breaker?  Because that’s the kind of money it will take to pry him out of Ottawa.  Is there really a team waiting in the wings ready to make him a huge offer?  I doubt it, and, likely, so does Murray.

I for one think Volchy is open to staying, and possibly even wants to remain a Sen, but is holding out for an offer from Ottawa that will compensate him for foregoing his UFA opportunity.

But (smartly), Murray refuses to bite.  An offer has been made, and refused.  In all likelihood the offer is a good one, but undoubtedly not what Volchy and his agent hope will materialize come July 1st.

So I say to all of you, if you want to write Volchy off, so be it, but I truly believe this is a rather naive view on negotiations in the world of UFA’s.  Volchy may leave, if a great offer is made, and not matched, but he may well find himself fielding offers very similar to those he’s already had, leaving him with the choice of relocating himself to an unknown, for little or no gain.

What I do know, for certain, is that Murray and Volchy have a solid relationship, and mutual respect, and in this world such inter-personal relationships matter.  I know he enjoys the respect of his team-mates. I know Volchy has the respect of his coaches, his clubs owner, and the respect of his clubs fans.  I know this all plays a role in his decision as to whether or not to leave Ottawa.

And on the rumours of his home being up for sale.  Maybe it is, maybe it isn’t, I truly have no idea, but I do know there are any number of reasons one would sell their house, including to prepare for a move, should it happen.  Just because it’s for sale (IF it is), doesn’t mean it’s sold.  Hell, I’d sell my house for the right price, and I wouldn’t for the wrong price…I wouldn’t make much of this rumour, one way or the other.

Sure Volchy may be gone, but he’s far from gone, and if I had to bet, FWIW, I’d bet he’s skating for Ottawa next season, with a healthy raise, albeit not in the range his agent claims is forthcoming.

But what do I know?



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