The Stages

Now that the season is done, we’re all going through “the stages”.

1. Shock & Denial

Honestly, I still haven’t watched the end of the game.  I guess this is my denial.  I witnessed the tying goal, then, as the game was recorded, when it went to OT, I peeked, and discovered the Sens lost.  I couldn’t, and still can’t, bear to watch the end.

Admittedly, I wasn’t shocked they lost the series, but I remain shocked they lost the 6th game.  I am a HUGE Sens fan, despite my occasional criticism (I try to not be a blatant homer), and the numbness a series loss brings is hard to explain, even when you see it coming.  I’m not comparing it to a death in the family, or trying to be absurdly dramatic, but I’d be lying if I tried to say it doesn’t affect my mood, and attitude, for some time afterwards.

2. Pain & Guilt.

The pain part is obvious.  Oddly, yes, it hurt when they lost.  Confucius said; “The man who laughs loudly, cries loudly”.  You can’t cheer a goal, a big hit, or a win, and then be neutral when they lose.  At least I can’t.  It still hurts to watch hockey, knowing the Sens are out.

Guilt?  Not sure this really applies…but I guess, if you were a real hardcore superstition guy, you might bear some guilt if you failed in the execution of your ritual.  I’m not that intense, lol!

3. Anger & Bargaining

This manifests itself differently for different people.  However, in one form or another, we all express anger by playing the “blame game”.  Blame a particular player, the coach, management, refs, the league, etc, etc.  After the loss I blamed Clouston.  I believed he failed to play the proper lines, or the right goaltender.  I felt he was slow to adjust to the match-ups, and leaned far to heavily on a struggling rookie who looked out of his depth in net.  I still believe this to be true, but I also believe the Sens, even if the above mistakes weren’t made, would have been in tough to win this series.

Bargaining, we all do it, and the form mine took was around injuries.  I didn’t “bargain” for a win, but I did “bargain” that, if the Sens had been healthy, they would have won the series, and I still believe this.

4. Depression, Reflection, Loneliness.

This is probably my current stage, especially after watching the Pens fall to the Habs.  I’m left dwelling on the injury issue, frustrated by the bad luck the Sens have had the past 3 seasons, and feeling like the fates are against them.  “Why”, I ask myself, does MTL always seem to find these goalies that steal series after series, while Ottawa finds goalies who collapse, ending series after series?  “Why” did Crosby suddenly cool, after burning through the Sens?  Hal Gill?  Come on, I’ll give the guy credit, but if he’s the guy to take down Crosby, well, how’s that for a David and Goliath story?

See, still stuck in this phase, lol!

5. The Upward Turn.


6. Reconstruction & Working Through.


7. Acceptance and Hope.


As I enter the remaining, I’ll post my thoughts, but right now, I’d just be speweing platitudes, and I won’t insult you folks with that false banter.


4 Responses to “The Stages”

  1. I hope you will watch the ECF. I am still waiting for someone to talk sense about the Habs. I keep hearing what an upset this has been, but really, after this many games, isn’t it time to say “wait, maybe the Habs are just playing really well”? I don’t pay too much attention to what goes on East of the Mississippi, and I probably wouldn’t know what I was looking at if I did, but even I am suspicious when people seem to be saying that the Caps and now the Pens were struck down by some as yet unidentified bumbling disease. Seems more likely that the Habs just got their gear in order.

    As for mourning, I have always found that keeping more than one pet softens the blow when one of them dies. So I’m doing the same with hockey teams. If that makes me a w…. so be it.

    The blogs I follow, however, seem to be dropping as fast as their teams, which makes me sad too. I could say “cowboy up” but I don’t really know how you feel- yet- so I won’t say that. Best of luck getting to #5. I think that’s the biggie.

    • Hey PS,
      Part of my blogging hiatus is due to the Sens being out, the other is due to being swamped at the moment. I will begin posting more soon, thanks for the encouragement to do so!
      As for the Habs, I can’t recall who, but one analyst said it best, if they’d been playing Halak all season, they wouldn’t have been a 8th place team. Halak has been the difference maker, and has allowed the rest of the team to do their thing.

  2. The Dutch Treat Says:

    It could be much worse. You could be a Bruins fan right now. They’re now questioning the existence of God and trying to step back from the ledge.

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