Thank You’s All Around.

First and foremost, thanks to all of you for making this a great season for being a Sens blogger.

Secondly, thanks to the Senators for making this a great season to be a Sens fan.

I know the loss to Pit was a huge disappointment, but it was not a huge surprise, at least not to me.  In fact, I was much impressed with the performance of the Sens in that series, and considering their depleted line-up, the fact they forced the stacked Pens to play hard, and gave them an honest run for their money, is a huge accomplishment.

None of us went into this season with honest dreams of the Stanley Cup being the final farewell of the 09/10 campaign, and had the Sens faced a team other than the Pens, the best team in the east, IMO, I have little doubt they would have made it to the second round, or better.  But, alas, it was the defending Cup champs, and that’s just they way it goes.

What most needs to be stressed from this 1st round defeat is the play of Karlsson and Regin.  Both played well, and Regin, playing in a top six role, and having success, as a rookie, well, that’s just outstanding, and leaves me feelig much better about this teams offensive prospects heading into next season.

All in all it was an extremely successful season, with the team reaching the post season despite virtually every pundit claiming they had little or no chance of doing so.  Add to this Regin, Karlsson, Smith, Elliott, Campoli and Leclaire getting some post season experience, and you have some solid gains heading into next year.

No doubt the story of the off season will be Volchy, either as a resign, and how Murray works around his salary, or how Murray replaces him should he walk.  Ive aways maintained I want Volchy to stay, but at the right price.  If he decides to go elsewhere for a plum UFA contract, good for him, he’s earned it, no hard feelings.  But, should he decide to stay in Ottawa, for a slid contract, he will be welcomed with open arms by all.  What I do not want to see is Volchy signed for a bad contract and the fans begin to sour on him as was the case with Redden.  That was bad for all involved.

I’ll keep posting sporadically until the draft and July 1st, when I’ll try to make the time to live blog those 2 special occasions.

Thanks again, and have a great off season!



2 Responses to “Thank You’s All Around.”

  1. GN always a privilege to read your blog. Volch is important, however giving him more than 4 million means Chris will get the same money next year. Too rich I’d say ..

  2. Will miss your observations. Thank you for doing this. Will look forward to the sporadic posts:)

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