Whoa We’re Halfway There, Whoa Living On A Prayer?

Ah Bon Jovi, the rock n’ roll sage.

I almost didn’t post today, for the strangest of reasons, superstition.

You see, last game, which the Sens won, I didn’t post on game day…obviously, that’s why they won.

Or maybe it was because, in my state of near apoplectic frenzy while watching overtime, I held my head in my hands…until, Alfie crossed the blueline, and I purposely took my hands off my head, believing my doing so would allow a goal to be scored.  Sure enough, Alfie passed to Carks, and game over, all because, until that time, my hands on my head had been preventing a goal for the previous 2 and a half periods.

Honestly, I’m not insane.

I don’t know why some of us develop this personal connection with a game.  Is it a desire to believe we have some control over the outcome of something that means so much to us, but truly has no real impact or connection with out lives?

Or is it a desire to do what ever we can, no matter how improbable, to influence the outcome?

The hell if I know, but, I’ll probably be holding my head in my hands every time the Pens are in the offensive zone, just in case.

You can call me crazy, but I don’t care.

What are your “fate” rituals?



2 Responses to “Whoa We’re Halfway There, Whoa Living On A Prayer?”

  1. i watch the ‘senators intro’ on youtube before every game

    it makes me feel like i’m there (even for road games-which doesn’t make any sense)

    i also stand when i think they need a goal and i don’t sit until they score.

    (i think i was standing for the entirety of the overtime…)

    noetic science my sister would say. but she’s just crazy….

  2. For the first part of the playoffs, I thought I had to not watch at all. Every time I looked at a screen (if I was lucky enough to have more than one game I wanted to watch showing) “the other team” scored. This went on for about six games in a row, with me rooting for the losers in every one. (Yes, I was following several teams, I am a shameless…) It was pointed out to me that to be a jinx with that kind of power was preposterous and bordered on megalomania, but I still believed, so I tried really hard to root for the Caps. They won anyway, so I decided that I am powerless. I think…. so now I just think positive thoughts and exorcise the jinx by writing about it.

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