Talk Is Cheap

Just win.



7 Responses to “Talk Is Cheap”

  1. Just win, baby!

  2. Dutch Treat Says:

    To quote Mike Singletary: “Don’t TELL me….SHOW ME.

  3. I hope I am wrong..
    My expectation for a sens win in this series depended on strong play from Elliot. In each game Elliot has given up stoppable goals. MA Fleury has been solid in games 2 and 3 ..
    The other factor is the puck luck . The winning goal in game two was good , but there were a couple of lucky bounces in there.
    I am more bitter about game two .. cause that would have been easier.

  4. Francisco Says:

    Get Brodeur in nets. And hit the Dirty birds harder.

  5. Will someone PLEASE take malkin out of the series? Yeah, he hasnt been as big as crosby, but I’m sick and tired of him taking a cheap shot at out player’s, then hiding behind a ref when Neil comes to have a chat. Sutton might be good for this 😛

  6. If Brodeur is healthy start him, everytime we have gone to him he played good and we won the game thus he came through for us…. why not have it happen one more time?

    Whats the worst that can happen we lose? With Elliott or Leclaire we’ll lose anyway at least this way we have a chance that once again don’t call me marty brodeur comes in and saves/turns our season around!

  7. Better late then never for Mr Leclaire if he keeps this up I know we can pull this off, the pens are only up cuz of shaky goaltending if Pascal keeps up his performance we are set!

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