A Big Loss, A Big Lesson.

Yes, the Penguins, with their healthy roster, and post season experience, are the better team.  We knew this going in.

Yes, the officials have been one sided in their application of the rules.  We knew this going in.

Yes, Elliott has been average, at best.  We feared this going in.

I’m looking at this post season as a learning tool.  The Sens are, by choice or not, in a mini rebuild, and getting our young players, and coach, some post season experience is invaluable.  If we win a series or two, or hell, the Cup, all the better.

So being behind in this series 2-1 is hardly a surprise, or even a big deal.  In fact, all things considered (officiating, experience and injuries), the Sens have me smiling this post season, albeit a few hours after the loss.  Regin has been excellent, Karlsson has been sound, and experience considered, even good, and young Z. Smith has not looked out of place, except maybe he should be where Foligno is…

But what concerns me is the coaching, and I’m not saying this to dump on Clouston, who has been a force for Ottawa.  I don’t understand Foligno on the second line…he’s being tossed around like a rag doll.  I don’t understand putting Spezza and Alfie up against Crosby, why curtail our offense?  I don’t understand Shannon on the fourth line, he’s bouncing off of guys, and generally looking out of place.  I don’t understand not pulling Elliott after the 4th goal, and letting Pascal get some play-off ice time, who knows, maybe you’ll find a spark this team needs.

Most importantly, this series isn’t over, and Ottawa, with it’s young team, and injuries, has forced the defending Cup champs to earn their wins, and if nothing else, that is something to find solace in.



4 Responses to “A Big Loss, A Big Lesson.”

  1. I Know you and I have not always seens eye to eye about goaltending, but I think its time we give Leclaire a shot, Elliott has been shaky at best in every game so far and is no longer doing what gave him the job, that being make a timely (spectacular or not) save to keep them in it… that Guerin breakway was awful Elliott looked scared and his attempted save looked more like a man whose lost in the woods and just tripped on a branch.

    Anyway if CC decides to keep El in I hope he shakes whatever nerves he has because he isn’t playing technically sound like he was prior to the playoffs.

    Also I agree with Shannon, put in either Dono or Cheechoo guys who have grit and can actually hit Shannon obviously is small and cannot play a 4th line role, Foligno Smith and Winchester line was great game 1, why not bring them back, keep kelruutneil and alfregspez lines together and then have cullen fish and either dono or cheechoo because as you say foligno is getting pushed around well either one of those too won’t get pushed around

  2. I think it is time to admit that alfredsson cannot carry the team. This year it has been done by commitee. When Kovalev, MM and Kuba are here there are more commitee members ..

  3. Are you kidding me? Pascal Leclaire has been brutal this yr in every game he has played in, even the games he has won had more to do with the other players on the ice more so than him. We have no chance at all with him in net & Clouston knows that, even after a 3 goal lead we have a better shot at coming back with Elliott than Leclaire.

    In game one Elliott won that game even though he didn’t play that great. In game two we were in that game until the very end, they never gave up & didn’t lose because of Elliott but because they couldn’t score. That’s an old problem with this team that has come back to haunt us again. Same them in game 3, this team is having trouble scoring & keeping the puck. The puck possession time must really favour the Pens after game 3.

    It’s not goaltending although he could be & should be better, it’s goal scoring & getting pucks to the net something they still aren’t doing with any consistency. The Sens need to keep possession of the puck & when they cross the blue line start getting shots on net from everywhere. I still think that Pittsburgh’s weakest link is Fleury, we didn’t really test him at all last night. BTW Fisher has been in front of the net for every PP goal, he scored a goal last night & he passed the puck to Cullen who missed a wide open net. He covers Malkin defensively & he hits this is more than we can say about Spezza who earns $3 mil more.

  4. Woozle man Says:

    Looking at the highlights, game 3 was totally winnable, they just need to be better down low in the defensive zone. Also, Elliott has to play better. The second Pens goal was weak and way too cheap a goal to give up in the playoffs.

    But there were plenty of chances for the Sens to score, especially off the cycle and the forecheck. Game 4, get ‘er done!

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