Pens submit to Ru-Jitsu.

What a game.

There’s nothing, absolutely nothing, like watching your team play a post season game.

As the game began, it didn’t look good for Ottawa.  Elliott looked every bit as nervous as some feared he may be, and after suffering a near escape, was scored upon early by a laser from Malkin. 

 Would he fold?


He was everything we hoped he would be, competent, if not spectacular.  The team in front of him did their best to limit the chances against, and carry as much of the play in the offensive end as possible.  This is why they won.  Spectacular coaching, and spectacular team execution.  Add to this some luck in the form of the  carom off the glass, and you have yourself a HUGE game one victory.

What was most impressive, to me, was the play of the 3rd and 4th lines.  This depth paid huge dividends, scoring 3 of the five goals, and making the Pens pay a physical toll shift in, shift out.  Ruutu was at his best, Neil was a monster, and Kelly, Smith, and Winnie won virtually every shift they played.

A big nod needs to go to young Karlsson as well.  What an amazing performance in this young rookies first ever post season game.  A goal, second among dmen in TOI, and 3rd in 5-5 TOI, in his FIRST play-off  game!

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves.  The Pens will be better come next game, they will adapt, and their experience will not allow them to get down heading into game 2.  The Sens will have to be better still to win the next game, let alone the series.  Regin must be better defensively.  The scoring must continue through-out the line-up.  And lastly, the Sens have to remain committed to playing a simple, low risk, highly structured system.  Any arrogance getting them off of their game will cost them dearly.

Man, was that ever fun!



8 Responses to “Pens submit to Ru-Jitsu.”

  1. Sens played ok .. thank you Fleury for your help !!

  2. Woozle man Says:

    This is encouraging. The sens capitalized on the opportunities presented, and they created a good number of turnovers. If they keep up a strong forecheck again next game, they’ve got a chance.

  3. SJ loses game 1. Hope they lose the series . Heatley and Wilson can rot in hell !! let the cheechoo curse take them all the way to the golf course !!

  4. Corbechev Says:

    Say what you will about Regin, I thought 2 of those penalties were weak for the regular season.

    His holding call on Crosby? What Crosby not doing the exact same thing to Regin? Free hand off the stick on the body impeding movement.

    As Cherry showed during Coach’s corner… first call was a Dive.

  5. Yes, a few weak calls against at bad times (as expected), but they fought through and gained key momentum at times from their special teams.

    That Ruutu/Kelly/Neil line was huge (as they have been all season), and the kids did their part to wear down the tired Pens. That aggressive, punishing energy will be key throughout the series.

    Keep forechecking and hitting hard. Keep winning the battles on the boards. Stay aggressive in the neutral zones. And most of all stick to and improve on that sound TEAM defense system. Limit their chances on Ells.

    And win baby win!!!

    The longer this series goes, the better chance the Sens have! One huge step in that direction last night! Beauty!

  6. Jetless and bummed Says:

    “first call was a Dive.”

    Get used to that. Talbot should be suiting up for some European Soccer Club with the flopping and diving he does on a nightly basis.

  7. did it bother anyone else how much you can tell Bob Cole is cheering for Pittsburgh?

  8. sbs138; Cole is a leaf fan. What do you expect? Consider the biased source.

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