The Night Of 20500 Thanks.

It’s hard to quantify what Alfredsson has meant to Ottawa.

As a player, he has developed into the soul of this franchise.  From humble beginnings as a 133rd pick, to the Rookie of the Year award, his start into the NHL was an eye opener for many, including Daniel himself, who came to Ottawa with little belief he would be long for the city, let alone the NHL.

But last he did, and bloomed into a player any NHL’er would point to as a model of consistency and any GM would hope to sign.

But that isn’t where it ends.  In fact, Alfie as an athlete is only about a third of the story.  Alfie as a man is equally impressive.  A wonderful father, husband, son and brother, Daniel is highly regarded by all those fortunate enough to have him in their life.  In a time of good athletes, bad people, Daniel the man deserves at least as much recognition as Daniel the athlete.  Lastly there is Daniel the citizen.  As an Ottawan Daniel has been a tireless giver of his time and influence, for the betterment of the city and its citizens.  At best half of what Daniel does for our community is public knowledge, at best.

Those not from Ottawa, or Sens fans, truly do not understand what Alfredsson represents to us.  The Sens don’t have decades of tradition to point to in the lean times, or for the fans to rally around, we are a nascent club, flanked by the two biggest teams in the league.  But what we lack in history, and attention, we have in character, namely Daniel Alfredsson.  He is single-handedly responsible for the beginning of this clubs identity, for providing its fans with a central point of reference and pride.

Sens fans may not yet have a Stanley Cup, but we have Daniel Alfredsson and, all things considered, in todays age of mercenary players making up Cup winning rosters, maybe Alfredsson represents the greater impact on the creating of a franchise, and its pride of being.

Captain Alfredsson, thank-you.

Citizen Alfredsson, thank-you.

Daniel Alfredsson, thank-you.



One Response to “The Night Of 20500 Thanks.”

  1. thanks alfie for everything I,m proud to be a Sens fan more so because of you Go sens Go!

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