Storylines Aplenty.

Take your pick of reasons why to watch this game.

Is it to see Cowen play his first NHL game(as broken by the boys over at 6thSens)?  That would certainly be reason enough for me.  Kudos to the club for giving their prospects some taste of what they can get if they work for it.  For guys like Cowen and Butler, actually playing against NHL calibre skill goes a long way to highlight how much work they need to do in order to make it to the next level.  I’m not saying these guys would shrug off the work that needs to be done, but living the reality vs. imagining it is a big difference.  Add to this the sweet life that the NHL represents, and the Sens have really provided these kids with some serious motivation going into the off season.  In the case of Jared, his availability to play this post season (although highly unlikely) may be playting a small role in his dressing for this game.

Konopka vs. Neil.  For those of you who remember the last game between these two clubs, no doubt you’ll also recall the wrecking ball Neil laid on big Tampa Dman Victor Hedman, behind the Lightning net.  Konopka immediately reacted after the game, insinuating it was a dirty hit, and Neil would be held responsible for it come the next game…well, tonight’s the next game, and unlike Neil, Konopka has nothing to play for, with his team out of the post season.  If Zenon wants to run around, so be it, Neiler’s a big boy, and the Sens are sure not lacking in grit and mean, but let’s hope he doesn’t go head-hunting a skill guy just to make some brain-dead point.

The Swedish Battle of the Blueline.  We’re all familiar with Erik Karlsson, and have no doubt heard of the aforementioned Hedman, but what some may not know is the very real personal competition between these two players.  Tonight will be a fun match to see these two try to out do each other.

Stamkos, the 50 goal man?  He’s trying to get there, and with only 3 games remaining in order to do so, he’ll be looking to score, shift in, shift out.

Enjoy the game.



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