RUMOUR – Price to Sens?

Not surprisingly, some have already begun to connect the dots between Montreal’s goaltending situation, and that of the Sens.

With Carey Price looking like the goat in MTL, and being all but run out of town, popular opinion has Price, and the club, looking for a dissolution of their relationship.  Price desperately wants out of MTL, and MTL desperately wants to pin the up and down season on Price.  A match made in hell?

So where do the Sens fit into this?

Well, the chatter is that MTL has expressed interest in landing French Canadian stopper Pascal Leclaire, and ushering him into a Habs uniform with great pomp and circumstance.  The Sens would likely be amenable to parting ways with Pascals contract, if not Pascal himself, considering the solid play of Elliott.  The problem is nobody expects Lehner to be NHL ready come next season, making the need for another goaltender should Pascal be moved.  So, is a Price for Leclaire trade in the works?  Some would have you believe it is.  Personally it smacks more of sound reasoning than sound reporting, but no doubt, from a “theory” perspective, it has merit.

One thing is for sure, should the Sens want to trade Pascal, there will be takers, with so many clubs in need of goaltending upgrades, and with openings at that position come this summer.


There’s 7 teams with goaltending issues, and no anchor contracts at that position keeping them from dealing for a #1.  Combine this with a lack of UFA talent at goal, and you have yourself the makings of a sellers market come draft day.



20 Responses to “RUMOUR – Price to Sens?”

  1. Impossible ..Montreal would never make a trade with Ottawa , way to much at risk

  2. Normally, I’d agree, but the cap has been making for strange bedfellows.

  3. That’s ridiculous. I mean, I love Leclaire as much as the next guy but do you really think you’re gonna get a blue chip prospect for him?

    Because that’s what Price is, a blue chip prospect – despite having a supposedly terrible season, he’s still top20 in the NHL for sv%, right around other ‘terrible’ goalies like Theodore, Niemi, Rinne, Luongo, Ellis, and a tab better than Elliott (who’s considered a hot goalie)…

    Leclaire is so injury prone that anyone taking a chance on him is doing just that, taking a chance – right now I think the Sens would be lucky to unload him for picks, considering his contract and pretty bad play this season.

    Sorry to bust the bubble but this trade makes no sense unless a 1st rounder is added in.

    • Factor in that MTL wants away from Price, and Price wants away from MTL…this changes a players value in the eyes of the person negotiationg on the otherside of the table.

      • James Parent Says:

        I’m not sure where you got the idea that Montreal wants away from Price…? The current management team is extremely high on Price and wants to keep him, very much.

        Whether he wants out or not, well that’s another story. But the kid is a RFA without arbitration rights – if he wants to hold out, let him. If Montreal doesn’t feel they’re getting a good deal in a trade, they won’t trade him. Nothing forces them to – Price has no real power at this point in time to request a trade.

        • Where…oh, EVERYWHERE…but from you, lol!

          • James Parent Says:

            Wow that’s one brilliant answer… nowhere in your post do you state any source. When someone dares to challenge even a small part of your assumptions, you’re not even able to answer coherently.

            Everywhere?? Please point me a single credible source that states MTL management wants to get rid of Price.

          • Relax James, you might want to consider reading something that doesn’t get you so excited, save it for something that matters, like hoping for your Habs to make the post season, not a silly hockey rumour, lol.
            As for who has indicated MTL management may be looking to trade Price, hmmm, TSN, CBC, CBS, ESPN, THN, SNET, meh, James Parent says otherwise though, so I’ll ignore the rest, lol!
            By the way, why are you posting here under 2 names, have only commented on this one blog entry, have never surfed this blog before, are from Montreal, but insist you’re not a Habs fan, but simply a “reasonable person”?
            Don’t bother replying, I already know the answer, lol!
            Go Away, GoAwayGoAwayGoAway, Go Awayyy, Go Awayyyy!

          • James Parent Says:

            Huh what are you talking about? I’m posting here under two names? interesting… Talk about me getting too excited, read again the end to your post – you should practice what you preach, it’d make you a tad more credible.

            You’re still blowing hot air in your reply – yet again no credible source, just vague ramblings…

            And of course every single person living in Montreal is a Habs fan, that’s a well known fact! Assuming I even live in montreal and it’s not just my ISP returning a mtl server for my ip…

            I’m posting here because I enjoy it and clearly you do too otherwise you wouldn’t be answering me. And in the end, isn’t your goal as a blogger to be read and discussed?

          • You’re right, only here have you heard mention of Price being on the trading block…seriously?
            As for your multiple handles, unless more than one person uses your account, which I can track, yes, you do post under multiple names.
            No, not everyone from MTL is a Habs fan, but when the only post you’ve ever read, or responded to, has to do with MTL, and you’re from MTL…well, seems pretty obvious.

  4. If your going to post rumors at least try to make them reasonable. Montreal has zero interest in Leclaire. They have Halak who is playing as good as anybody right now and Price who is still just 22. Also why would montreal bring leclaire in as a backup when they are already going to be tight against the cap. Leclaire might be tradable this summer as he only has another year on his contract but they are not gonna get much for a guy that has only had one good/healthy year especially since he has been so horrendous this year. Plus I might be wrong but i don’t think detroit is gonna be in the market for a goalie this summer.

  5. Wow…so much for discussion, I guess some people here already know the facts, especially about Montreal…please post more, lol!
    As for trades, take a long look down the list, and point to those that would be considered “reasonable” if floated as a rumour first, maybe, at best, 50%.
    The thought around this rumour has Halak being traded away as well, so factor that in.
    Is it going to happen…who knows, but, it is a RUMOUR, so seriously, take a deep breath, have a nice herbal tea, and go back to your full time NHL GM job.

    • haha well cmon you just make it out to sound like a reasonable deal, but even with a little sens bias this deal seems ridiculous. The only reason for it shown is that Leclaire is a french-canadian. They are probably gonna have to trade Price since the fans and media seem to think hes their problem. But there does not seem to be any reason why they would trade both and then end up with Leclaire. Does he have much for trade value after injuries and poor play this season?

      • Here’s the full deal/theory Jim, I didn’t post it, because it is all speculation, and as you can see, including just 2 names creates all sorts of blow back;
        Halak to PHI for Giroux
        Price to OTT for Leclair & prospect
        MTL sign Biron in off season.
        Does Leclaire have trade value…absolutely.


        • Wow I can just imagine the pain of habs fans as they face both Halak and Price numerous times a year with martin biron between the pipes while leclaire sits in the press box with another injury. I don’t think Mike Milbury would even do that to a team.

  6. People should not give up on Leclaire in Ottawa. I still have more faith in him than Elliot.
    But, that”s me.

    Mtl fans also seem to get very defensive when trade rumours are mentioned involving their team.

    • I’m not writing her as a MTL fan… ask any hockey analyst you want if a Price-for-Leclaire trade makes sense and if that person can speak through the incontrollable laughter they’ll answer no. It’s just not a sensible trade by any stretch of the imagination, for any involved party, except overwhelmingly in favor of the Sens. Salary dump, upgrade in goal, getting younger, there’s no drawback for Ottawa and no gain for Montreal… this is not coming from a MTL fan, it’s coming from a reasonable person.

      • With all due resect James, mention most trades, after the fact, and the “analysts” laugh at them…so what’s your point in that?
        As for Price being high on the MTL management list…I have, with the exception of you…whoever you are, NEVER heard this, in fact, the exact opposite has been whispered, and this has played a part in Gainey’s resignation.
        Hey, maybe you’re right, but lets be clear, this is your opinion, nothing more, nothing less, and you’re certainly welcome to it, in fact, thanks for sharing it, seriously, keep posting, I don’t want people to agree with me, I just want them to be constructive in their analysis and/or criticism, which you’ve certainly been.

    • KJ,
      Agreed, but if Elliott proves to be a #1, the Sens will be going with him, full stop.

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