Dead Cat Bounce

With the yearly demise of the Panthers (seriously, at 9 straight play-off misses, are they finally out of lives?), Alfie and his team faced the de-clawed Panthers in a milestone game for the club captain.

And, had it not been for this milestone, there would have been no reason for the Panthers to even bother skating…because they sure as hell din’t show up…again.

Fortunately the Sens skated off without any key injuries, as the 2 points are now rendered meaningless, with the Sens having already locked up a post season appearance.  But the game did have some highlights, for Sens fans at least.  Fisher had a 2 goal night, and as a streaky scorer, one has to hope this is indicative of  Fish heading into another hot streak, just in time for the post season.  As well, Leclaire, in his first start of the season (or so it seems), had a solid outing, having allowed only 2 goals, but also having made some very nice saves.  This is good, considering the on again, off again play of Ottawa netminders this season.  Lastly, it was nice to see Alfie hit the score sheet in his 1000th game.

Off to TBay, for another practice, before the beginning of the post season.  I for one hope Alfie takes this one off, but I’m not counting on it.



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