Sens Perfect On The Island.

Oh yeah, and they lost, to a crappy team, in a game that meant nothing…absolutely nothing.

Perfect some will say.  How can a loss to a basket case team like the Islanders be “perfect”?  Well my friends, perfect because of two key factors;

1. Every key player skated off the ice ready to play the next game.  No key injuries, when you’ve already secured a play-off berth, is perfect.

2. A loss to the Islanders, of all teams, is a swift kick in the pants, and shows how any team can win.  1st place vs. 8th, 5th vs. 4th, or, in the case of yesterday,13th vs. 25th.  The Sens know they will lose if they do not play hard, focused hockey.  A lesson better learned now, than in game one of the play-offs.

Oh sure, some will point to the loss all but writing off a chance at top spot in the Northeast, but that was a long shot anyhow, and rest, both mental and physical, is worth far more than a shaky chance at 3rd place.

Here’s hoping Alfie takes a night off in Florida, and celebrates his 1000th back home in front of those who will appreciate the milestone for what it is…a major achievement, both professionally and personally.



3 Responses to “Sens Perfect On The Island.”

  1. I hear you. It worries me all the same but I hear you, and I hope that you are right.

  2. Perfect idea! Alfie takes a game off!

  3. Don’t forget – if Mtl wins all their games and the Sens lose all their games – they end up in 6th and play Buff in the 1st round – yahoo!!

    they can’t lose for winning!!

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