You Pay For The Whole Seat…

But you’ll only use the edge!

When you play a team like Washington, without your #1 shut down Dman and your #1 LW, the odds are you’ll be playing their game, not yours.

So was the case tonight.

But even with the offensively dynamic Capitals setting the tempo of the game the Sens still managed to prevail.  And, to be honest, I’m not even sure how.  Washington is lightning quick, strong and so incredibly gifted with the puck, I turned off that game shocked the Sens skated off with 2 points.  This isn’t to say the Sens got lucky, but it would be a complete lie to say the Caps didn’t at times put them on their heels from the second period forward.  But here’s the thing, the defense wasn’t brilliant (Sutton was dishing out pizza’s all night), the forecheck wasn’t punishing, and the goaltending wasn’t exceptional.  No, the Sens won by being a better all around team, not dominating in any one area, but not being dominated either.

Tonight saw some amazing performances by 3 players in particular.  Spezza, Alfredsson and Karlsson.

All three were really something to watch, but most especially young Karlsson and his shift in/shift out competition with OV, a player who outweighs him by a whopping 55 lbs.  Karlsson may not be physically intimidating, but one on one, he is nothing short of brilliant.  You can’t teach what he does, he’s all arms and legs, but somehow he gets that puck off of the stick of his man.

You have to feel for Alfie, man he couldn’t buy a goal, but his play kept the WSH defense honest all night, and he won almost every shift he played, goals or no goals.

Lastly Spezza, this man has found his mojo, and its name may well be Regin. Please Cory, if/when Mich returns, let’s see Regin remain on the top line, and have Mich play with Fisher and Kovy.

Speaking of Kovy…he saw plenty off ice tonight, and was driving me crazy with his mostly perimeter play, but that perimeter play paid off, big time.  Way to go Kovy, you sure know how to get out of the dog house.



4 Responses to “You Pay For The Whole Seat…”

  1. Sens4Life Says:

    like i said before.. no faith. and now that theyre winning? praise.. sad.

  2. Elliott wasn’t stellar, but neither was Theodore, although both made good stops on occasion. Like the last win over them, the Sens came out on the better end of the run and gun and that’s what matters.

    At it’s best, this team has the tools to beat anyone, so the matchup shouldn’t matter. But you know the opposition will have a way to get into the Sens heads – (Pittsburgh, Jersey – Brodeur, Washington – offense).

    Our depth players will be the ones who will make the difference. I like our chances.

    It’d be great to get to round 2 (because that means one of the aforementioned is out – Pens or Caps would be most enjoyable).

    5W – done. One more to clinch. Neither Thrashers nor Rags can match the win total in a tie.

    • Atlanta has a terrific 🙂 schedule to play out – 2 games with WSH, PIT and 1 vs Jersey. I’d say their odds are very diminished. The Rangers have an easier time for their 6 with BUF and PHI the only tough ones. The rest are below them in the standings.

      A neverending Pat Ewing, John Starks and Spike Lee motivational speech couldn’t help the Rags win 6 straight now.

      Our odds must be at 99.9 right now.

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