Second Helpings In Buffalo

Another game versus the Slugs, another 2 pts., it’s funny how teams get into each others heads, and really highlights how important confidence is in this game.

Last night was another example of this roster winning through solid effort and sound systems play.  Hopefully the Sens can rally around this reality and use it to inspire them to play a sound team game from here on out.

Secondary scoring, especially when you’ve lost so much “skill”, is all important, and last night the Sens once again received it, not least of all from the likes of Kelly, a player I much criticized earlier in the season, but who has thus far turned in one heck of a great season.  So nice to see Regin pot another one, and with a shot like that, who knows, maybe Spezza has a new line-mate in the making.

Tonight will no doubt be a challenge for the Sens after a couple of big “team” wins.  It may well prove difficult for the Sens to get up for a game against an opponent playing wounded and all but out of the post season.  This represents a challenge of a different type, this will be a “stick to the game plan” game, and ideally the Sens don’t get caught looking beyond the Panthers because, recent good play notwithstanding, this team has yet to clinch a play-off spot.



5 Responses to “Second Helpings In Buffalo”

  1. GN:

    We have trouble with this goalie and the Panthers will be flopping all over the place.

    Our kids are fired up…they will cary the day…my fear is that if we don’t stop demolishing these lessor teams physically we are going to get at least one suspenion…the Tranna guys don’t like our expressing our physical domninance!

    • Nik,
      It’s all up to the kids in many ways. for a team that was supposedly dry in prospects, the youth in our system has been a God send through this mini re-build.

  2. Look for a lot of weak calls against the Sens tonight on their own ice, especially in the first half. If the PK is strong and they stick to the system without letting the bad penalties get to them, they will be fine. If they are losing in the third, they will have to make good on the one or two “even up” PP opportunities they’ll get. The way the refs are calling them this year, their special teams are critical.

    • We’ll, it’s better than it was, but saying that’s a bit like the relief of the fire over the pan.

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