Back 2 Back In The Saddle Again.

They’re back!

If there were more than 8 games remaining, I’d be loath to make too much of the back to back wins, but considering the nearness of the post season, and the importance of the last two games, I’m counting points, not wins, making this a very timely streak.

unfortunately I missed the game (of course it had to be a beaut) as I find myself deep into enemy territory without aid of NHL centre ice.  Just like the Leafs prospects, the Sens game was all black.

  1. Now, after reviewing the highlight package on I have some opinions on the game. The Volchy hit on Carcillo. No penalty was the right call. It appeared high only because Carcillo attempted to cut back after the pass, this resulted in his lowering his body when changing his momentum, Volchy remained in line, did not raise his body, or elbow, to target the head, and as such delivered the hit he intended before Carcillo changed his body angle.
  2. The Volchy hit on Gagne.  This one isn’t so clear.  Gagne received the puck, then spun to face the boards while Volchy is already on route to deliver the hit.  Gagne played the puck, thus was eligible for contact, and voluntarily placed himself into a vulnerable position.  The question is, did Volchy alter his hit to respect Gagne’s vulnerable position?  Honestly, impossible to know as he was already en route to deliver the hit, he certainly didn’t accelerate, but could he have altered his angle?  If  he did alter his angle, would it result in Gagne having a free play on the puck as Volchy, in order to react to Gagne’s choice of position, would force himself out of body position on Gagne?  Who was wrong, Volchy for not moving out of position, or gagne for putting himself in that position?  To me, this exact play, typifies the “gray area” around fair and unfair contact.  I can understand both sides to this…but ultimately, for me, it comes down to being a contact sport, and Gagne must “defend” himself.  If a boxer drops his hands and stick out his chin, is it his opponents responsibility to not hit him in the head?  Nope.  Now, if Volchy accelerated into the hit, my view would be different.  reminiscent of the Cooke hit on Alfredsson, albeit further from the boards.
  3. Carcillo on Karlsson, a perfectly fair hit.  Karlsson blew it by tripping him, but the roughing on Sutton was bush, as you can see similar after almost any stoppage in play in front of the net.  bygones.
  4. Hartnell on Kelly in front of Elliott.  definitely either delay of game or interference.
  5. The Volchy “no goal”.  Should have been a penalty shot, but looked inconclusive for a goal.

So, I need comments, please, tell me about the game, I NEED YOU!  Give me your breakdowns on the game, the players, the refs etc.



7 Responses to “Back 2 Back In The Saddle Again.”

  1. I hear ya, GN… I’m a displaced valley boy living in the GTA, so I turn to websites on game night, unless the boys are playing the Leafs.

    Next time you find yourself within the blackout zone, I suggest checking out or for live streams.

    The quality isn’t as fantastic as my HD flatscreen, but it’ll do in a pinch.

    From what I saw on my blurry laptop screen, and on the highlights on TSN, it looked like a solid Ottawa-Philly game, with lots of chippiness and bad blood.

    Carcillo is a douche. Good on Volch and Sutton for smearing him around the boards all night long. That guy should try out for the next Olympics. He’s one of the best divers I’ve ever seen. I’m pretty sure that Volch was still a foot away from him when his head snapped back like he’d been shot. What a tool.

    I know I’ve eluded to it before, but I have a serious man-crush on Andy Sutton. That guy is such a bad-ass, and I absolutely LOVE how he’s so quick to stick up for his team mates. There’s no hesitation at all there, and the guy is tough as nails, and monstrously big. I pray Murray can find a way to keep him and Volch on this team, moving forward… even if (or especially if, I should say) it means shipping Kuba out.

  2. "D" Fence Says:

    I was at the game last night. Some quick points:
    – Many penalties taken by the Flyers, including a 9 min. call on Gagne
    – More penalties should have been called on Philly, but you could tell the refs were trying to keep things close to even, as there were also some suspect calls against the Sens.
    – Senators failed to capitalize on the power play again.
    – Kelly elected to shoot instead of pass on a 2 on 1 and actually scored!
    – Sutton made some big hits, as did Volchenkov. Sutton of course got another penalty for being tall.
    – Huge killing of a 2 min. 5 on 3 by the Sens.
    – The crowd was rowdier than normal which was great.
    – The score could have been much higher. I think I counted 4(?) posts hit by the Sens.
    – Again Elliot was able to make a few big saves to keep it 2-0.

    Great game! Keep up the good work guys!

    • Thanks “D”
      Seems Elliott has, if nothing else, earned his starts, which is all we ever wanted, the name on the back is irrelevant to me.

  3. Very lucky on the disallowed goal call – thankfully the overhead cam was blocked by the arm of the Philly player in the crease. Refs tried to give Philly every chance to get in it and win. Suttons penalty on Powe was a bit of bullshit as was Hartnells elbowing non-call and Richards non-boarding call on Karlsson.

    I hate when the marginal calls get made and the blatant ones go unpunished. Just like the high stick manufactured by Plekanec the other night. Let’s see if I grab his stick and pull it up near my face …

    Open the optical components of your face refs for f*(k sake – you aren’t Skywalker, can’t call the game with the blast shield down …

    • Agreed, that call on Foligno was pure BS, I don’t even think he clipped the visor, which is 3 inches from his face, let along his head. Maybe the non calls last night were a result of Mc providing the Sens with a mea culpa for his poor job the night before…not that it makes if fair for Philly. NHL officiating is bush.

  4. Woozle man Says:

    From watching the highlights, I’m impressed that the team spirit is strong. The confidence seems way up. Also, maybe Volchenkov should be our third string goaltender?

    On the downside, Volchenkov’s hit on Carcillo was lucky to go unpenalized (elbow to the head). Also, his hit on Gagne may be a suspension after the fact. I expect the Flyers to submit at least one of those to the league.

    • Me too. I was worried for them in this game. The win in MTL could easily have set them up for anpther backwards step, especially in the return home against a desperate team. To hear that they came out swinging, and never backed down, sounds like a ramp up to play-off style hockey to me…music to me ears.

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