Found myself watching ESPN this morning, after a while it finally got to the NHL,  there it was, 4-1, against.

Of course.

Can’t say hockey is a big thing here in The Bay, it’s all about spring training and the final four…just as well, I’m glad I missed it.

Let’s hope this is the calm before the storm and the team can get the indifferent/ineffective play out of their collective systems prior to the post season.

Well, I’m back out now, going to hit Fisherman’s Wharf for a little chowder and ocean views.  Not to brag (yeah right!) but it’s so nice to be in a T-shirt at 9:00 p.m. and not be cold.

As I said, add your thoughts, I’m sure you all have them…think of it as group therapy, lol!



5 Responses to “Huh.”

  1. "D" Fence Says:

    I’ve remained relatively optimistic about this team’s chances through the thick and thin for the whole season thus far, but I can’t measure the disappontment with their play since the Olympic break. The 2nd and 3rd goals completely deflated me last night as it dawned on me that we were likely going to lose yet another game against a team full of 3rd and 4th line talent (and Kessel).

    I don’t know what’s happened to the Sens that went on that amazing 11 game winning streak, but I hope that they reappear before we do the unthinkable and miss the playoffs… Maybe a couple of practices devoted soley to hitting the damn net might help.

    Here’s to hoping that they can once again find the combination of hard work, heart, and skill before the Atlanta game.

  2. Woozle man Says:

    Ian Mendes posts a dry but sobering thought today: The sens are an average team, in the midst of a slightly below average 10 game performance. So don’t worry, it’ll even out and they will finish in 6-7th spot in the East. Hey, at the start of the season, this was my upper limit for prediction, so should we not rejoice? Rejoice!

  3. I’d love to rejoice, but playoffs aren’t a given. It’s become mission 5 – 5 wins. 89 points. Should be enough to not flop and play yourself out of the playoffs.

    Rags and Thrashers are 8 points behind. They have to win 4 more games than the Sens over the remaining games to tie or bump them out. Each Sens win makes it harder for them. 11 games. 3 wins for the Sens puts pressure on them to win 7. 4 and it’s 8. 5 and it’s 9. That’s why I say mission 5. Can either of the Rags and Thrashers hit 9 wins in their remaining 11/12 games respectively? Likely not. Can we hit 5? We should but …
    Not if the Sens continue this slump – I said before I’d rather see them go out on a winning streak, but bringing it to the wire is not good on the nails or heart.

  4. Do yourself a favor, don’t watch ESPN today or you’ll see another bad score that does not favor the Sens lol, I was happy to see them battle back from 3-1 to tie it at 3-3 but in the end a few judgemental errors cost us and the losing streak continued, good news is last time they played Atlanta they lost then the next game they started their win streak, so here’s hoping the Sens win tomorrow (this time tho, there wont be a “no name” goalie as some suggest to bail you out)

    As much as Elliott and Leclaire try its been obvious neither one can handle the load at the moment, they need Brodeur to be brought back up he doesn’t even have to dress just bring him along with the team, I would be willing to bet that it wakes up at least one if not both of the goalies knowing that if they continue to play below-average mister I only played 3 games but was actually able to win those games will take over

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