Garbage, Absolute Garbage.

If that isn’t the worst performance by the Sens this season, I’m afraid to watch any more games.  Couldn’t complete a pass, couldn’t get a shot through, couldn’t play defense.

If I were Leclaire, I’d hope that was my last game for the Sens…ever.  Talk about hanging a guy out to dry.  2 clear short-handed break-aways.  Come on, do you even care guys?  Because to me, it looked like the Sens were playing their first game ever as a team.  As for the PP, here’s a word of advice to the coaching staff, decline them, your PP is an embarassment, a joke, a sucking wound, to be kind.

The only thing worse on the night was the officiating.  I’m done with the whole “It’s a tough job, they do their best” excuse.  The officiating in the NHL sucks.  It’s a travesty to the game, and unless we fans start expecting better, we’ve only ourselves to blame.  Calling the penalty by Kovalev the same as the penalty by Raymond is either sheer incompetence or…well, it’s sheer incompetence, plain and simple.  Adding salt to the wounds by ignoring the blatant shot after the whistle, and calling Carkner for roughing, is borderline prejudice.

My God, it leaves one wondering why bother to care.  There wasn’t a thing the Sens could do without a call while Vancouver seemed to skate with near impunity.

I wish I had gone to sleep.  There’s 3 hours of my life I’ll never get back.

Will the Sens make the post season?

At this rate, honestly, does it matter?



11 Responses to “Garbage, Absolute Garbage.”

  1. GN:

    Despair…I refuse to despair…yet!

  2. I completely Agree with you, the game was awful I pvr’d it cuz my poker game ran late and was so terribly embarassed to everyone who says we’ve already clinched a playoff spot, not yet and with each passing day its becoming more and more apparent that if we continue to suck ass it will be back to back non-playoff seasonsm I do not know what has happened since the olympic break but my goodness they have been horrible, Alfie (Who is my fav player) looks lost/uninterested <—- this also applies to Kovalev, has anyone seen Fisher? maybe he's still on vacation with miss Underwood or at least dreaming of it, the entire defense corp played poorly, yea Sutton is ok but overall the whole D has been bad.

    Let's wake up boys before it's too late I still believe this team can make a run, they just have to get out of this "funk" they seem to be in….

  3. Dutch Treat Says:

    If this team implodes down the stretch and fails to make the playoffs, it’s time to blow it up. Seriously. There is something seriously lacking in that locker room if the likes of Phillips, Alfredsson and Fisher can’t seemingly get this team to play decent hockey during a meaningful portion of the season.

    Leclaire deserves better than this garbage in front of him. The PP is, as you stated, an absolute joke, a travesty on ice. The reluctance of Clouston to identify this as a serious problem makes me question his coaching ability.

    Look at the schedule ahead and tell me that the playoffs are a lock. They aren’t. And what’s the point of getting in, so that a team like Pittsburgh or New Jersey can make short work of you in 4 games?

    Vacation’s over losers…

  4. What’s worse is the GD Leafs are winning. Montreal, Philly, and the Raunchers aren’t going away.

    Wake up boys. Pre season is over.

    Ells starts the rest of the way …

  5. Not Leclaire’s fault. Having said that, the Sens were aweful defensively. Where did this ‘team’ go? Every looks like an individual out there.

    Worst game I have seen them play all season, and I don’t think it was the goaltenders fault.

  6. Sens4Life Says:

    Lack of faith. This is a time when sens fans have to be supportive, not giving back incredibly negative feedback. disappointed.

    • Sens4Life,
      I get what you’re saying, but to me, support, and blind faith, are not equivalent. I will always support this team, but I’m not about to call a steaming pile of garbage a mound of roses just to be “supportive”.
      When you suck, beyond reason, you need to be called out 4 it.
      I’m not jumping off the bandwagon, I’m just pointing out to the drivers that they seem to be seem hitting every bump in the road, and it’s getting a bit hard to remain seated!

  7. GelatinousMutantCoconut Says:

    Where was all of this negativity when the Sens were winning?

    There’s no doubt this team needs to get back on track. However, I don’t find that they have played poorly at all the last two games. They did everything but actually score a goal against Calgary, which can be attributed to the 30 blocked shots, and inspired goaltending from Kiprusoff.

    Against Vancouver, the teams started out fairly equal. Vancouver grabbed the momentum and ran with it. There’s nothing shameful about losing 5-1 to the Canucks, who are just a notch below the Sharks, Blackhawks and Capitals in terms of offense, and boast one of the best goaltenders in the world.

    • GelatinousMutantCoconut Says:

      I now retract this statement. I apologize to the naysayers. I am afraid you may be right.

  8. I am with GMC .. give them time ..

  9. Woozle man Says:

    Well, hopefully this all big nasty hiccup. The results aren’t so disheartening as much as the disorganized play, especially in the defensive zone. Far too many cheap give aways. Clouston will hopefully have them back in shape and focused by the end of this week. Besides being totally let out to dry in Vancouver, I though Leclaire made a number of really good saves, and just needs a bit more time in net to settle, as well as a fair effort defensively from the team.

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