Leaving, On A Jet Plane.

Well, I’m off again, and will likely be out of the loop for the next week or so.  I may have a chance to post, but not likely, both due to logistics, and frankly…I’m on vacation, lol!

So, I encourage all of you to keep up the conversation in the comments section while I’m gone, consider it your own personal blog.  You all have great observations, well worth reading, so keep it up.

This isn’t just my blog, it’s all of ours, I’m just the host.



2 Responses to “Leaving, On A Jet Plane.”

  1. GN:


    We want you fresh for the playoffs!

  2. Not much to say besides good to see Foligno back he played pretty well for having missed a lot of time, nice to see Sutton score after that missed bodycheck that lead to a goal… everyone/thing else the same as the past few games another flat performance against the leafs.

    Good news is Montreal beat The Rags so we stay 8 points up on 9th

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