After Glow

Will the Canucks return home, in the post Olympic glow, and lay an egg, or deliver a knock out?

That’s what so many are wondering.  What will rise to the top, road grime and a “to do” list an arm long, or a team basking in the positive energy of a Vancouver fan base eager for the return of their beloved ‘Nucks?

I can’t wait to find out either.

What we do know is that Pascal will return to the blue paint and Kelly will return to the ice, taking a wing position beside Cullen and Neil.   With Cullen playing a crisper game at center, I like the move.  That combo can play a solid 2 way game, while providing offense against their opposing 3rd line, if that’s who they face.  That being said, don’t be surprised if Clouston reunites the Kelly, Fisher, Alfie line should he feel the Canucks Swedes are really going.  I believe this represents the Sens best “shut down” forward line-up.  If this does happen, does Kovy get some time with Spezza and Mich?  I’d bet he does.

With both of these teams having all but clinched a play-off berth, it’s hard to know what to expect tonight.  No doubt the Sens have been playing better and better each game since their return from the Olympic break, and one would think Clouston is not far from a blow up if the wins don’t start coming.  If not Clouston, then certainly the fans.

To win it’s simple, score more than the opposition.  So far that has been a very big challenge for this team, and that has got to change…now.



2 Responses to “After Glow”

  1. GN: “After Glow!”

    In the old days hockey players were instucted to abstain for three days before the match…conserve your energy.

    Today…it’s return from the road trip…make love to the wife. Do the errands…make love to the wife. Do the banking…make love to the wife. Take the kids to school…make love to the wife.

    GN…16 days…we got a shot!!!

  2. You got your answer to lets see what happens, they stunk!

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