A Pretty Loss.

Sometimes you win ugly, and lose pretty, last night was the latter.

In a game that saw Ottawa dominate the Flames, the loss came down to a combination of excellent shot blocking, sound goaltending and questionable officiating.

The Calgary defense played a superb post season-esque game, doing whatever it took to stop shots from getting to their net, and when compared to the Sens, played a more determined match.  Whenshots did get through, Kipper was equal to the task, and made a few nice saves.  Lastly, the officials chose to err on the side of caution and wave off a goal due to a highstick (later shown to be a good goal) and the NHL, in keeping with it’s policy of protecting it’s dubious officiating, failed to overturn the call using video replay.

Is it just me, or has NHL officiating become the joke of pro sports?  From on ice “missed” calls, when it’s obvious they’re non calls, to the toothless and random supplemental discipline of the league office.  It never ceases to amaze me how gullible NHL officials are, look no further than the highstick call against Cullen, who didn’t touch the player, and the “missed” call when Neil was high sticked.  Guess Neiler needs to act more, and play less, to get the call.  Oh well.

The good news is that the Sens played well all game, and didn’t panic or deviate from the game plan, in an effort to get the tieing goal.  The bad news is, once again, the Sens failed to match the desperation of its opposition.  CGY won, in large part, because they were more determined to do so.

Is this lack of determined effort on the part of the Sens a product of them knowing they’ve all but secured a post season berth, or is it an endemic flaw?



15 Responses to “A Pretty Loss.”

  1. i still think it’s too early to say that we have secured a post season berth. they way the teams behind are catching us and when our losses are piling up, nothing is secure. the Olympic break appears to be the worst thing to happen to the Sens.

  2. you forgot bad luck, Peter Regin comes to mind.
    But the sens did play well despite the loss. Reminds me of games early in the season.

  3. The Dutch Treat Says:

    Calgary played a playoff type game last night and Ottawa needed their Power play to bring them into the game. Their PP, much like it has all season, failed them. A powerplay coach should have been brought in a long time ago to fix what’s wrong with this team. It’s predictable, doesn’t open lanes for shots and has no real threat of a shot from the point.

    What could potentially do this team in come playoffs isn’t the goaltending, the defence or the secondary scoring, it will be the lack of a discernible powerplay. It is the league worst for a reason.

  4. Yes. New PP coach! It seemed to work for goal tending. With the recent losses piling up, BM has a good opportunity to shake things up with the assistant coaching.

  5. Anyone else find that ever since we waived Cheechoo the Sens have not played well/had any luck at all? Not getting any bounces i.e the refs and toronto war room calling a good goal off and Regin missing some empty nets maybe its time we think about bringing him back,

    How about this as lines,

    Michalek Spezza Cheechoo
    Fisher Cullen Alfredsson
    Foligno Regin Kovalev
    Neil Kelly Ruutu

    Anyone else think those are 4 balanced lines? as for Shannon Winchester and Donovan you can rotate them in from time to time if injuries or poor play creeps up on any of the guys, I guess the only problem to that would be the cap? probably do not have enough room to bring Cheech back until playoff time

    • To be fair Tony, I doubt Cheech is the missing link, he certainly isn’t tearing it up in the A, albeit he isn’t doing nothing either.
      For my money it’s about getting more pucks to the net. Here’s hoping the PP can begin to click as it should be.

  6. I didn’t really see Calgary outcompete Ottawa in any way. They have way more shot blocks, but that’s because the Sens took way more shots to block. The powerplay didn’t have finish but it looked good otherwise. I think it came down to bounces more than anything. Calgary is fighting for a playoff spot so they are playing desperate, still the Sens managed to outplay them for most of the game. After the loss, I wasn’t even that disappointed because I thought the sens were clearly the better team anyway.

    • Agreed Tim but in the last few games the Sens have been out “determined” if you will. When they were wining, they were hunting down loose pucks, creating more turn-overs due to sound back-checking, and doing more in front of the oppositions net.
      I just want to see them get back to it, and, slowly, I believe they are.

  7. Hints for our “New” PP Coach!

    If your guys are too small increase the size of your forwards!

    If the puck movement is too slow, compress, condense your diamond and take some chances with passes through the middle.

    If every second goal is reviewed for a high stick…shoot low…best “tipper” is ankle high, next best at the knees!

    Finally, be more selfish…too many guys trying to pass to and impress their new team mates…ya get a scoring chance …let ‘er “RIP!”

    • I’m finding the receiver is not pass ready to often, almost as though there is too much motion. In the past the downlow forwards were too fixed in place. I’m willing to chalk it up to everyone getting used to the system in place, and new player in the mix.
      On a bright note, Karlsson has been outstanding, and beyond my expectations for a first year Dman. His mobility and “shiftyness” is elite, and he is showing a solid poise on the point while running the PP. Once he figures out how to time his shots he’s going to turn heads.

  8. This will once and for all tell us who our number one guy is, if Clouston goes back with Elliott well there ya have it, but if he starts Leclaire you would have to think that this is his last chance to show what he has, now he played well against the leafs and yes even tho its the leafs lets hope he continues that play

    • Tony,
      He played very well against the Leafs, and Leafs or no they had some very solid scoring chances, which Leclaire stopped cold.
      I really believe Pascal gets the nod vs. Vancouver, but as for his status…I have no clue, absolutely no clue.

  9. Yep Leclaire will start will do enough to win and be #1 again all I have to say is at the end of the year he should give CC a big hug because he no non-sense type of coaching is what will bring his game back people say its bad for his psyche I disagree Clouston pulled him after 6minutes to give him a clear message WAKE UP, and look the very next game he is in and plays one of his best games… it is about time we get a coach who is not afraid to anger players for the benefit of the TEAM.

    P.s I agree with Karlsson he has been a great surprise I loved it when at the beg of the year everyone said of he sucks bring him down he is too young and not ready yet, where are those haters now? I look forward to the many years of watching this Kid be great for us

  10. His no non-sens not he my mistake

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