Sens Ink Big Blueliner – UPDATE

UPDATE – It seems Lee signed for the league minimum RFA raise (now reportedly 0.875M), but did negotiate a one way deal, meaning he will make his NHL salary whether playing in the NHL or AHL.

Despite popular belief, a one-way deal has no impact on waiver eligibility, this has to do with position, age of signing first NHL contract, and games played.  My understanding is Brian Lee will be waiver eligible beginning the 2010/11 NHL season, due to his age at signing his first NHL contract.

No, not that one.

Volchenkov remains unsigned, but indications are the talks are on going, and constructive.

No, Murray has, in a surprise to me at least, inked youngster Brian Lee to a 2 year RFA extension.

This is a good move in that, with Volchy unsigned, the Sens need to stockpile as many Dmen as possible.  I would think (certainly not know) Lee remains available, if the right offer comes along, but as a former #1, it is in the Sens best interest to assure themselves that Lee has been given every reasonable opportunity to show his wares prior to giving up on him.

The recent trade deadline has shown that defensemen are a valuable commodity, and if the Sens should find themselves flush with talent…it only bodes well come next seasons trade deadline.

Will Lee get the chance to prove himself in the NHL?  Well, with Campoli, and now Kuba out, he’ll have that chance in the near term.  I’m not calling it now or never, but a solid performance now will likely result in him seeing post season play, if nothing else.



2 Responses to “Sens Ink Big Blueliner – UPDATE”

  1. GN:


    “Brain” Lee gets his chance to show but with Matt and I think they get shellacked on this Western swing…our tough guy, Coach Clouston better find a soft spot in his heart and play Kelly’s line with them, with an awakened Kelly playing as the third D-man!

  2. Any good Centre playing his position is the third D-man. The only thing in our favour heading West is the fragility of the Edmonton and Calgary team psyches. Is ours more fragile? Wins better start happening soon or it’ll be a nailbiter finish. 16 games to 96 points, need 19/32 possible.

    Boston is on track for 89. Philly for 92. Montreal for 86 and us for 96. Atlanta for 85.

    So if 86 is the 8th place cut off we’d have to shit the bed with 8 points in the next 16 games or a .250 finish to not make it. Four teams have to go on a tear (Five if you throw TB in there) for us to be knocked out so odds are slim but the guys can’t continue like these. Sit back and you are done. I don’t think Lee or Campoli having to suit up will be that detrimental.

    Primarily the team needs to start scoring again and the secondary guys need to step up.

    Michalek and Fisher and Kovalev, the spotlight is on them. Cullen, Spezza and Alfie also have to continue to deliver.

    Michalek, while showing early jump and getting on a 40+ goal pace is colder than a witches tit over the last 20-25 games. And Fisher?

    All this worry aside, I’d rather see the team finish hot, so a winning streak in the last 10 games is a must.

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