Trade Deadbeat Day?

Wow, what a lack-luster showing.

It seems that either the teams in the post season hunt felt comfortable with their rosters or those teams out felt their assets were worth more than the buyers were willing to pay.

It’s not over, moves may well yet get done, but the list of non moves seems to be the real story.

No moves by Vancouver (Alberts, pffft) Philadelphia, Montreal, NYR’s or Edmonton.

That’s rather surprising, considering those on this list of teams is either in need of assets or picks.

Gotta say, landing both Cullen and Sutton, prior to the mad money deadline day, has Murray looking like a shrewd negotiator.  Now let’s see how the players actually pan out.  So far Cullen has yet to impress, but it’s wayyyy to early to pass judgement, especially when the entire team was questionable in the 3 games he’s played in as a Sen.



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