The Witching Hour Approaches.

With the 1 hr. mark before the deadline fast approaching, now it’s time to see if the poker faces have paid off.

Who will blink, buyers or sellers?

Maybe nobody.

This is when we find out how desperate the sellers are to move contracts, or gain picks, and how confident Cup contenders are in their rosters.

The longer it takes until a major move, the more comfortable contenders are with their rosters vis a vis the competition.

So far Kovulchuk has been the only “major” move, and offense has not been an  issue for most contenders in the east, but, should one of the major players make a major defensive improvement, look to see some push back around he league as GM’s try to respond to the new reality.

I have to think WSH’s McPhee is desperate to make a move to shore up his defense, I would also think Philly is deeply worried about seeing goaltending deal them another early exit.



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