Some Thoughts While We Wait.

Hey everyone, yes I too am waiting for developments, when they come I’ll provide analysis, so keep checking in after trades go down.

But, while we wait, let’s talk a bit about the night before…you know, The Nightmare Before Deadline.

What a hot mess that was.  The Sens weren’t simply rusty, they were terrible.  The Sens last night were the polar opposite to what they’ve been in the recent past.  No forecheck, no smart pinches and no forcing the opposition to make plays in the neutral zone.

They were so bad, with the exception of Spezza and Regin, one has to believe it was just a hiccup…or maybe pray.

Taking a slap in the face right off the hop might be exactly what Clouston needed to get this teams attention back from vacation/Olympics.

To me, the real question remains in net.  I really like Elliott, but to me he’s still too raw to lean on going into the post season.  Now is the time to get Pascal back into the crease, help him find his game, his timing and his place on this team, both on the ice and in the room.

You know Murray wants Leclaire in, but does Clouston want Elliott?

I believe, due to recent history, this is entirely Cloustons team, from an ice time perspective.  I’m not calling this a controversy, but Elliott may be Cloustons Achilles Heel.

May be.



2 Responses to “Some Thoughts While We Wait.”

  1. Come playoff time,the starting goalie will be Leclaire even if Elliot plays like a god.

  2. That may be CT, but if Pascal doesn’t get some steady playing time (only 18 games remaining!) it would be a disaster waiting to happen to throw Pascal in there cold.
    IMO this team has built up a sufficient cushion to allowe Pascal to shake off the rust down the stretch, and not seriously hurt the post season drive. But the time is NOW!

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