Leafs Caput(i) without Poni?

I’m not entirely sure what the thinking was behind this deal, unless Poni was drawing little or no interest.

Don’t get me wrong, Caputi is better than a 2nd rounder, but not by much…at all.

2nd rounders have @ a 30% chance of ever making the NHL, and at this point Caputi has already done so, albeit in a limited capacity.  So, by acquiring Caputi, Burke has already landed a  defacto quality 2nd round pick, without having to take the gamble at the draft table.  But is Caputi better than Poni?  Because, if not, it represents, at best, addition by subtraction, and when the short term impact is a worse product on the ice, now, the blow back could be ugly.

Just think, worst case, this move helps lead the charge to the bottom of the standings, making the sting of trading the #1 pick as intense as possible.

The hope was a #1…Caputi represents a fail when compared to that expectation, real or not.

As for the Pens, they’ve likely risked little and gained at least scoring depth, if not actual lightning in a bottle.  Everyone knows Poni has a solid skill set, but lacks in intensity.  Will leaving the blue room and into the light of the Penquins dressing room provide the spark needed to light a fire under this kid?

If so, the Pens just got better, a lot better.



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