CRAZY Rumour. (Update)

(Update – Insider insists Volchy remains in play unless he signs, but it would take a deal like below to move him, but has not heard, or buy into, the BOS rumour)

Just had this land in front of me…RUMOUR.


A. Volchenkov, R. Shannon


M. Ryder, TML 2010 1st

Cannot imagine there is anything to this, at all, but, ’tis the season.



3 Responses to “CRAZY Rumour. (Update)”

  1. This deal would be snapped up in a heartbeat.

  2. But it might cost the Sens post season success…win now or later? Besides, I SERIOUSLY doubt this rumour.

  3. I seriously doubt it also, but i dont think it would take this much to get Volchenkov. We as fans are emotionally invested in him, but if a good deal came across Murray would be wise to consider it.

    Plus, with our goaltending we will not be winning now.

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