Sid The….MAN!

O.k., enough with the “Sid The Kid”.

Stanley Cup.

Gold Medal.

He’s now officially Sid The MAN.

What a moment, and what a way to ice the Olympic cake for Canada.

Canada absolutely DOMINATED at this Olympics, and winning a gold medal, in overtime, on home ice…ethereal.

I wish I could say I saw it…but I didn’t.  I simply could not take the pressure of the moment.  I watched all of regulation, and a short moment of overtime, but I was becoming “over-stimulated”, i.e. bordering on having a heart attack!

I went outside and shovelled, leaving my wife and mother to let me know the outcome.

It came by way of a ringing bell.

You see, I was at a home on the St. Lawrence river, facing the USA.  When Canada scored, my mother, both as a signal to me, and to our neighbours across the river, rang loud and proud…CANADA WINS THE GOLD!!!!!

Yes I regret not having watched it live, but my inability to do so highlights the intensity many Canadians bring to the sport of hockey.  It seemed like life or death, and I knew it wasn’t, so I had to step away.  I love this game, I love my country and I’m so glad Canada won gold.  It’s amazing how one goal, either way, can have such enormous impact on ones psyche.  Remember the jubilation of the win, imagine the sorrow if they had lost…amazing what sort of intensity we Canadians have about a game!



2 Responses to “Sid The….MAN!”

  1. Nice post Gerald. Just watch out for the snow shoveling when you are having heart issues. It can be a killer. 😉

    Sid is definitely The Man!

  2. Ahahaha, that’s awesome Oman!

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